‘ROCK OF LOVE 2’ Reunion Show Sneak Peak: Ms. Daisy De La Hoya vs. Mr.(?) Heather Chadwell

April 15, 2008

2\' Cast

Ms. Daisy De La Hoya vs. Mr.(?) Heather Chadwell

Watch it HERE.

Special thanks to Metal Sludge for the tip. The 2nd part of Ms. De La Hoyas interview is now posted on their wonderful testimony to the hair metal 80’s website.

Read it HERE.



  1. We talked to the ingenue as she was arriving at her home in Denver from a long flight across the nation. She chatted with us about Tina Fey mocking her on SNL, on the fact that, yes, she really is related to boxer Oscar De La Hoya, and on how she would feel about Rock of Love 3: The Daisy Edition. Oh and did we tell you she’s writing a tell-all book about her time on the show?


  2. Phiiiiiii… Girls, this is Mr Bret Michaels. Rockstar Bret Michaels. Why so little enthusiasm? I was looking forward to Inter-State War…

    I would like to see the European version of dating game show ‘Goth of Love*’ LOL

    (*Dear Producer, of course: © GaliLu. All Rights Reserved. )

  3. Who will “Join HIM In Death”. The new ‘darker’ reality show featuring Ville Valo of Romeo and Juliet Love-Metal HIM. No sequel though…

  4. Poor Daisy. She seems like a nice, funny girl but she really is dumb as a brick. Newsflash, Daisy: 25 lbs. of something ALWAYS ways the same as 25 lbs. of something else! DUHHH!!!!

  5. Thanks for the tip Fancast.

  6. LOL. Actually I skimmed the interview so fast I missed the joke. Cute.

  7. YES!

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