“ROCK OF LOVE: 2”: Another New Interview With DAISY DE LA HOYA

April 16, 2008


This is slowly but surely turning into the Rock of Love 2 blog. We’ll have to fix that…

But before we do, the folks at Fancast have alerted me to another new interview with Daisy De La Hoya. Read it HERE.



  1. What’s up Joan Rivers younger virgin.

  2. Daisey is too hot and young looking for Brett.

  3. wow she looks like a blubbering cow..and she actually think shes hot?

  4. she looks like an idiot with that fake coak nd she looks like a fucking man!!! with nice boobs

  5. Two words… Butter face!

  6. I cant belive that “It” from i love money askd to lick her a$$… sheesh! wht people do and say for attention…

  7. looks like cocaine and bullets with that JD

  8. She is so unattractive.

  9. Stop hating, she is gorgeous, and I love her show Daisy of Love ❤

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