The Fate Of RIKETS: SCOTT ROSE Explains The Bands Final Days

September 17, 2010


Source: HollywoodMusicMagazine.com

THRALL WORLD understands all too well the difficulties involved with managing an independent band. The balancing act between the creation of music and business are not as easy and not nearly as “Rock out with your cock out!!” as many might believe.

And then there’s the concept of the DIY artist. Unless you’re the Almighty yourself the term DIY can be an unrecognized form of masochism.

To that end, lots of rumors out there about the fate of RIKETS who after releasing a new album only months ago are now declared officially “dead” by the last remaining original member of the band SCOTT ROSE.

In a new interview with HOLLYWOOD MUSIC Mr. Rose explains the events over the past week and explains why things went the way they did. A quick excerpt from the interview:

“I disbanded it. I killed it. It lives no more. I am officially saying that Rikets is on permanent hiatus. Everyone that was in the live band has now been quote-unquote fired.”


“I have had numerous guitar players, numerous drummers, this was a project that was started by me and me only and seven years into it I’m not going to let the new kids act like they are running the show. They make decisions that are not the best the decisions for the long term career of the brand name. So the band from now on is on permanent hiatus. There is nobody left in Rikets. Rikets is dead.”

Health reasons on the part of Rose, problems with the tours in support of the new album, problems with BURNHILL UNION RECORDS – the bands label, and a band mutiny which was beginning to take place in the final days when Rose decided to bail out on the band in the middle of their latest tour all ultimately contributed to the bands demise according to Rose.

Read the entire interview HERE.

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