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THRALL WORLD EXCLUSIVE: “Remembering Kristov” Part 1 – Minneapolis Meets Chicago

October 28, 2009
RIP Kristopher "Kristov" Kemp: 10.28.74 -- 01.26.09

In thinking about my times with Kristov over the course of the last 8 years this is what comes to mind. I thank you for understanding a random missed detail during a time of mourning.

I wrote this for myself. To make sure I would not forget. But I also wrote it for Kris. To make sure noone else would forget what he meant to me and to the band MARAZENE.

I miss my friend.

The first time I ever spoke with Kris was over a phone call in early Spring 2001 when I was still living in Minneapolis and sorting through my immediate and future plans for a possible relocation to Chicago. We met by fate, chance, or karma (as most musicians do) when I responded to a Chicago Reader ad loaded with all kinds of bells and whistles that just happened to be looking for a bassist. It seemed like a good opportunity at the time and it was through this initial contact that I got Kris’s phone number. I gave him a call to test the waters and get an idea of just wtf I might be getting myself into by a move to the Windy City. I asked Kris his advice on areas to check out (and areas to stay away from) and stuff like the local Chicago music scene while just feeling out a potential future bandmate. I always appreciated the optimism that Kris made me feel about taking such a big leap into the unknown.

The first time I met Kris in person was at House of Blues in Chicago at an Orgy/Spineshank concert. It was the designated meeting place we set up to introduce myself to the band or – Bar Star Azzemblage – as I like to call it (the band never really did anything) he and I would join together very briefly in 2001.

One thing I have noted since this night was that even though Kris and I attribute our initial meeting as through this particular project, Kris had this theory that we would have met regardless for two connected and specific reasons. One was that he mentioned that I was pretty driven and was already on a path to Chicago one way or another no matter what. This is true. I had been looking for an excuse to make the jump to lightspeed. Two was that we were shooting for a similar goal. So I happen to agree with Kris’s logic.

By the end of the evening we all ended up at an afterparty held at a local dive (which has since changed its name) called Jub Jub Club over off Fullerton and Halsted in Chicago. The place was small and the bathroom of the club was like the smallest one in the world and people were just piling in to do coke off the sink and if you were lucky enough you got to use the bathroom before you pissed yourself.

Rammstein was blaring over the DJ speakers (“Hierate Miche”) at some point in the evening and Kris was asking where I had first heard of them. I told him the David Lynch mindfukk movie ‘Lost Highway’ and we proceeded to have this crazy intense conversation about bands, music and all that stuff that musicians talk about when they first meet. There was a good vibe. We hit it off and I was extremely excited about moving.

Kris had seen the future but as it turns out – it wasn’t with the band I had moved down to Chicago to join. In fact, he bailed out of that situation completely within several months of my relocation. Kris had been working on some dark, heavy, electronic musical filth on the side with a guitar player named Nikk Skum. Kris introduced me to Nikk at a Dope concert held at Chicago’s Metro Cabaret Theater on one of our many excursions.

From the onset Nikk and I hit it off and we talked about working together and putting together an album of covers for shits and giggles. But once we got into the studio together and started jamming the symmetry of our writing styles became obvious and we went with that instead. Our first jams sessions ended up being ridiculously productive and everything pointed to an inevitable destiny. There was a magic in the air in those early days.

Nikk and I would eventually go on to write the ‘MachiNation’ album in 2005-2006 as well as loads of other tracks that didn’t make the album. The two of us really had a knack for complimenting each others songwriting. Together, Kris, Nikk, and myself would refine that material at dozens of Chicagoland area shows. As of this writing, ‘MachiNation’, stands as one of my most important life acheivements and I’m only happy to be able to say that Kris played a critical role in that acheivement.

I gave the benefit of the doubt to the project I moved to Chicago to join and stuck with it much longer than I should have. By the time I said “fukk it” I was in a place where I could barely recognize myself. And while the ending may have been disappointing – the optimism and possibilities with a newfound musical manifest with Kris and Nikk seemed endless. The bottom line was – I had seen enough of the Windy City to realize there was nothing here that I couldn’t accomplish and that I could do more in expressing my musical ambitions with Kris and Nikk in what our friends and fans have come to know as MARAZENE.

And so it was.

In 2003 the beginnings of an early developmental phase of MARAZENE took a major step forward playing a show at a suburban Chicago bar in Barrington called Penny Road Pub. And it steadily got bigger from there. By 2005 Nikk was fronting the band after moving over from guitar and I was singing secondary lead vocals. In our continuing evolution as a band it’s easy to point to this time period as a critical jump forward in our bands ability to compete and excel on a National and International level. The goal of just being one of the best bands in Chicago wasn’t even remotely close to being anything more than a means to an end. We were always shooting for something much much bigger.

In January of 2006 we headlined our biggest show to date at Chicago’s legendary Metro Cabaret Theater for about a thousand of our closest friends. The music for ‘MachiNation’ was being test driven around the block for what we knew would be some very active years to come once an album was released.

to be continued…


THE MARAZENE MACHINE: “We Remember Kristov”

October 26, 2009

RIP Kristopher "Kristov" Kemp: 10.28.74 -- 01.26.09

Taken from THE MARAZENE MACHINE’s Myspace blog:

As most of you have probably heard by now we lost our brother Kristopher “Kristov” Kemp a little over nine months ago to a hard fought battle with colon cancer.

Kristov would have been 35 years old today (10.28) and as per a band tradition that dates back to the beginning of our band we would have been in the process of celebrating birthday week (and more often than not – birthday month) as well as having a show lined up for whoevers birthday it happened to be.

But not this year.

All told it’s been a very strange year. It has definitely been strange not having Kris around. That and sorting through personal issues and trying to figure out when Kris was going to be able to jump back in the mix full-on. We never really planned for this without Kris. So this year has all been new ground for us.

We had to come to a new place – a new starting point.

One of Kris’s last messages to me in the final weeks was the following: “Just keep things movin along no matter what.. We got too much ridin on this to just give up ya know…”

I think about Kris and his enduring positivity every day when I wake up. It keeps me going. Gives me clarity and strength on darker days.

For those of you who didn’t know, I met Nikk through Kris. And what we have accomplished together is something I consider uniquely special and something that would not have been possible on my own. For that I am eternally grateful for.

MARAZENE was as much Kris’s dream as it was ours. And through all the good times and the bad we endure. For Kris, for ourselves, and for each other.

For those of you who have been emailing and commenting and asking – the answer is YES – there IS new music. There’s a lot. And it’s ready. More on that in the coming weeks…

But for the time being – thank you for reading. And thanks again for your continued support as we have figured out our next move.

~ DieTrich
The MARAZENE Machine

Kristov performs “AnTiThesis” with MARAZENE @ Chicago’s legendary Metro Cabaret on 06.17.07

Its been 9 months now since my brother and partner and bandmate for 8 years passed away.

kris was 6 years older than I. And we became friends in 1996 when I was 16 years old. We met at a keg party thru a mutual friend. He was wearing a Fear Factory demanufacture shirt and I won the keg stand competition. Lol and it all took off from there.

Its strange that there are still times when I think of something and quick reach for my phone to text him and realize that he isn’t and will never be at the other end of the line. Of course its been very difficult and painful at times, but in recent months its become more about remembering him and our times we’ve shared together.. As well as a kind of standard or status quo.. The thought frequently passes thru my mind of ‘what would kris think of this’ or ‘what would he say/do’. I’ve always thought of him as a loyal and ‘down’ person. If something wasn’t being handled in the ‘right’ or ‘proper’ way, he’d stand up for what was right!

I remember COUNTLESS times when I was younger, when someone was bein a fuckn prick to me, or wronging me in some way, playing on my lack of experience or confidence, he’d step right the fuck up and shut them the fuck down… ALWAYS! He ALWAYS had my back.. That is SO rare. He was a BROTHER. Someone you KNEW you had in your corner no matter what!!

I feel these days an overWHELMING urge to ‘make right by him/make him proud’ by continuing his legacy and NEVER falling short of the quality standard that kris wouldve allowed. Its like he’s still here. He IS here always in the souls and minds of everyone his life has touched. And we will NEVER let them forget…

The MARAZENE Machine

MARAZENE circa 04.21.06 from l to r: Kristov, Stiph, Thrall, Gash, Skum - backstage after A Pearl Room performance with American Head Charge. This picture was taken only weeks before Kris would be diagnosed with cancer.

MARAZENE circa 04.21.06 from l to r: Kristov, Stiph, Thrall, Gash, Skum - backstage after A Pearl Room performance with American Head Charge. This picture was taken only weeks before Kris would be diagnosed with cancer.




August 11, 2009




Straight from bassist CHAD HANKS:

“This is not the kind of news I enjoy being the bearer of, but we’ve been ready and waiting for input from [vocalist] Cameron [Heacock] for almost two years; we’ve written and recorded two albums worth of material in that time. At this point, he no longer gives being in this band any sort of top priority.

Read the entire statement HERE.



THE 69 EYES: New Track, ‘DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY’, Available For FREE Download – Track Listing And Release Date For New Album Too

June 30, 2009




Grab it HERE.

The song comes off the band’s new album, “Back In Blood”, which is scheduled for release in Europe (excluding Finland) on August 28 via Nuclear Blast Records (September 15 in the U.S. through The End Records).

“Back In Blood” track listing:

01. Back In Blood
02. We Own The Night
03. Dead N’ Gone
04. The Good, The Bad & The Undead
05. Kiss Me Undead
06. Lips Of Blood
07. Dead Girls Are Easy
08. Night Watch
09. Some Kind Of Magick
10. Hunger
11. Suspiria Snow White
12. Eternal

And as long as we’re talking free downloads, check out a FREE download from The MARAZENE Machine at THIS location (Mouse over links to preview). More info on the bands Official Myspace page.



MARILYN MANSON Update: New Album Debuts At No. 4 On BILLBOARD, Does Interview With BBC While Trashed – Audio Available

June 4, 2009



Source: BBC,

The new album from MARILYN MANSON, entitled “The High End Of Low”, sold 49,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 4 on The Billboard 200 chart.

Also, a BBC reporter has just posted an article about the “strangest interview ever” that he conducted with M. Manson. By ARCH DANDY standards that would have to be pretty strange… Check out the audio of the interview below.

The interview sounds to me like Manson is either trashed or severely hungover and actually reminds me of my daily typical conversation between myself and my MARAZENE MACHINE partner in crime NIKK SKUM. I’m actually suprised we don’t end up getting more of this from Manson every now and then.

In other recent Manson updates:

Check out another new interview HERE.

‘THE HIGH END OF THE LOW ROAD’ is available now. Check out the full album stream HERE.

And check out the brand new video for ‘ARMA-GODDAMN-MOTHERFUCKIN-GEDDON’ HERE.



Track Listing for ‘THE HIGH END OF THE LOW’

01. Devour
02. Pretty As A Swastika
03. Leave A Scar
04. Four Rusted Horses
05. Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddon
06. Blank And White
07. Running To The Edge Of The World
08. I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies
09. WOW
10. Wight Spider
11. Unkillable Monster
12. We’re From America
13. I Have To Look Up Just To See Hell
14. Into The Fire
15. 15

confirmed band lineup:

Marilyn Manson
Twiggy Ramirez
Chris Vrenna
Ginger Fish


Jul. 10 – Sacramento, CA @ Sleep Train Amphitheatre
Jul. 11 – San Francisco, CA @ Shoreline Amphitheatre
Jul. 12 – San Bernardino, CA @ Glen Helen Pavilion
Jul. 14 – Seattle, WA @ White River Amphitheater
Jul. 17 – Phoenix, AZ @ Cricket Pavilion
Jul. 18 – Albuquerque, NM @ Journal Pavilion
Jul. 19 – Denver, CO @ Coors Amphitheater
Jul. 21 – Kansas City, KS @ Sandstone Amphitheater
Jul. 22 – St. Louis, MO @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
Jul. 24 – Atlanta, GA @ Lakewood Amphitheater
Jul. 25 – Indianapolis, IN @ Verizon Wireless Music Centre
Jul. 26 – Chicago, IL @ First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
Jul. 28 – Toronto, ON @ Molson Amphitheater
Jul. 29 – Scranton, PA @ Toyota Pavilion
Jul. 31 – Cleveland, OH @ Blossom Music Center
Aug. 01 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Post Gazette Pavilion
Aug. 02 – Detroit, MI @ DTE Energy Music Theatre
Aug. 04 – Boston, MA @ Tweeter Center for the Perf. Arts
Aug. 06 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Virginia Beach Amphitheater
Aug. 07 – Camden, NJ @ Tweeter Center at the Waterfront
Aug. 08 – Hartford, CT @ New England Dodge Music Center
Aug. 09 – Washington, DC @ Nissan Pavilion
Aug. 11 – Tampa, FL @ Ford Amphitheatre
Aug. 12 – West Palm Beach, FL @ Sound Advice Amphitheater
Aug. 14 – Dallas, TX @ Center
Aug. 15 – Houston, TX @ Cynthia Woods Mitchel Pavilion
Aug. 16 – San Antonio, TX @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre




May 12, 2009







Oct. 09 – Bochum, Germany – Matrix
Oct. 10 – Köln, Germany – Essigfabrik
Oct. 12 – Vosselaar, Belgium – Biebob
Oct. 13 – Paris, France – La Locomotive
Oct. 14 – Ludwigsburg, Germany – Rockfabrik
Oct. 15 – Frankfurt, Germany – Batschkapp
Oct. 16 – München, Germany – Backstage
Oct. 17 – Nürnberg, Germany – Hirsch
Oct. 18 – Budapest, Hungary – Diesel
Oct. 19 – Wien, Austria – Szene
Oct. 20 – Pratteln, Switzerland – Z7
Oct. 21 – Eindhoven, The Netherlands – Dynamo
Oct. 23 – Berlin. Germany – Columbia Club
Oct. 24 – Dresden, Germany – Reithalle

More dates TBA.



‘It’s A Thrall World’ – 1,000,000 Views: Thank You!!!

April 30, 2009

DieTrich Thrall: Man of Mystery <-- (that's sarcasm people)

DieTrich Thrall: Man of Mystery <-- (that's sarcasm people)

1,000,000 Views: Thank You!!!

1,000,000 Views: Thank You!!!

Source: Here and There

1,000,000 views in about 10 months. Hard to believe but true. Sounds like a lot. It kinda is when you consider that I have largely kept the site on the down-lo while I try and work out the kinks. I still consider this to be an early early BETA mode version for It’s A Thrall World but the steady drive-by readership doesn’t hurt.

For those of you wondering, It’s A Thrall World has taken the pace of the bulletins I used to post on a semi-regular basis on my Myspace page. It’s sort of a blog / webzine / news aggregator combo plus on a beer-filled night of “fukk ME!? No fukk YOU dood!!” all in RAGING Thrall-O-Vision.

A love-fest of unspeakable apocalyptic Tragedy, Consequences, and All That Could’ve Been…

Sort of a when Terror, Death, and Destruction met Peace, Love, and thee Dove and had thee red-headed Anti-Christ-Alien step-child that ended up destroying thee world but then realized it was too lonely without all of thee stupidity and brought thee world and everyone in it back but wiped everyones memory…

Something like that…

Now then… if anybody needs me I’ll be hanging out in my swine/bird/human flu-proof, rogue-state nuke proof, global economic-catastrophy proof, suicide bomber proof, american idol proof, obama 747 flyby the Chicago skyline proof, crossing the street without looking both ways proof, C+C (chips + cheese) loaded bunker…

and working on new music and stuffs




BRUCE DICKINSON Talks All Things IRON MAIDEN In New Interview

April 11, 2009




Read it HERE.

The Iron Maiden World Slavery tour was my first metal concert way back in my wee-one days. Oddly enough I have not seen them since and not for a lack of interest. My concert venue preference has always been clubs and it’s been awhile since they’ve played one – if they’ve ever played one. But I still get the itch on certain days and shuffle through a Maiden Marathon from time to time.

On a side/trivia note, The MARAZENE album ‘MachiNation’ was mixed on the same board that was used for the POWERSLAVE mix. That information wasn’t relayed to me until well into the album promotions or you would have heard me mentioning it a lot sooner.



MARAZENE: Drummer, KRISTOPHER ‘KRISTOV’ KEMP Loses Battle With Cancer

January 28, 2009

Kristov, Stiph, Thrall, Gash, Skum

MARAZENE circa 2006 from l to r: Kristov, Stiph, Thrall, Gash, Skum

Source: Myself and the Official Marazene Myspace page

Taken from my Myspace blog:

Photo John Weaver Prod.
RIP Kristopher Kemp: 10.28.74 — 01.26.09

It is my very sad duty today to inform all of you that at a little after midnight on January 26th, 2009, my very brave and very dear friend Kristopher Kemp passed away due to complications with his battle with intestinal cancer. Below is the obituary I wrote for Kris. It’s my first one and I wasn’t sure if I did it quite right but I promised a friend and a promise is a promise…

On Monday, January 26th, Kristopher Kemp passed away due to complications from his fight against cancer. He was 34.

Kristopher Kemp was born on October, 28th 1974. He spent most of his early years in the Naperville, IL area and attended Naperville High School.

KRISTOV, as he was known to his friends and fans, was a founding member of Chicago’s MARAZENE, whose accomplishments include the soundtrack to the MATRIX Revolutions and MATRIX: Recalibrated, as well as one self-released album, ‘MachiNation’. Kristov performed with Marazene from 2001-2007, participated in multiple National tours with MARAZENE from 2006-2007, and appeared in several videos for the band.

Kristov performs “AnTiThesis” with MARAZENE @ Chicago’s legendary Metro Cabaret on 06.17.07

Kristov also toured Nationally with New York’s BILE in 2002.

Kristov was first diagnosed with intestinal cancer in May 2006 and had surgery to remove a cancerous growth and numerous lymph nodes followed by chemotherapy for much of the remainder of the year. Despite the intensive treatment, he continued to perform with Marazene as they toured the Midwest and Nationally with such acts as MUSHROOMHEAD, PSYCLON NINE, DEADSTAR ASSEMBLY, and THE HUMAN ABSTRACT.

Kristov is survived by his parents, John and Marcia Kemp, his sister Erin Kemp, his nephew Liam, his girlfriend Lisa, and his dog Petunia. Another pet, a dog named Schmoo who recently passed away, is looking forward to hanging out with Kristov once again as they both wait patiently for all his friends in this life to join him sometime in the distant future.


The Kemp family has provided me with the following information to pass along:

As most of you may already know this morning our sweet angel, Kristopher Kemp returned home to be with the Lord. He fought a courageous battle and heis a hero to all of us that knew him and even to those who did not have the pleasure in knowing him.

Please keep his family and friends in your prayers.

Friedrich-Jones Funeral Home
44 South Mill Street
Naperville, Illinois 60540
Phone: (630) 355-0213
Thursday 5:30-8:00pm



THRALL WORLD EXCLUSIVE: MARAZENE Second Life Machinima Added to Youtube Channel, Animated Video “First Of It’s Kind”

December 27, 2008

The MARAZENE Machine

The MARAZENE Machine



Source: De Los Santos Productions,,

MARAZENE have added a first of its kind SECOND LIFE performance video (commonly known as a machinima) to their Youtube Channel; CHANNEL: SKUMF***ER. The footage was assembled by SUSI SPICOLI from a ‘live virtual performance’ of the band in June of 2007. Watch the video below:

MARAZENE made history last year as the first Nationally touring band from the metal genre that exists in the real-world to make the jump from reality performance to virtual performance.

While most people are more familiar with virtual bands such as the GORILLAZ or even an animated band such as METALOCALYPSE making the jump into live performance and touring, MARAZENE have done the exact opposite, taking their machine metal sound and applying it to todays ever-evolving and edgy online platforms in a unique virtual statement.

Machinima, by definition, are animation movie(s) filmed using real time, interactive 3D environments. To understand the depth and complexity; picture dozens, if not hundreds, of unique virtual avatars each controlled by different users converging in one location much as real-world people gather at a concert. A machinima is collected real-time video footage of a virtual gathering just like a real-world multi-cam video shoot.

Marazene band member avatars were custom designed based off of band member photographs and a custom stage was designed to reflect the look and feel of Marazene in an over-the-top arena type environment. The video, or machinima, features scenes from multiple angles and in some cases, multiple cameras of the entire Marazene performance set to the song “XecuTe“.

SECOND LIFE is a new and continually developing medium that provides the opportunity for an underground ‘buzz’ band such as Marazene to reach an audience that might not be able to see the band perform in person“, director Susi Spicoli commented. “This medium carrys with it a signature live feel to it that can’t be matched by social networking sites like Myspace or Facebook or even Youtube. There’s also this group vibe being there are so many persons involved and thus a real live concert feel. It’s truly a global experience considering there are people from all over the world participating.”

We’re proud to be representing the Marazene machine, the metal community, and Chicago, in this new avenue of entertainment,” multi-instrumentalist and Marazene co-founder DieTrich Thrall also commented last year during post-production. “This is the first significant performance of this kind in this medium and the first for the metal genre and it puts us in the position of beating to the punch our peers in the metal community including innovators such as KISS, MARILYN MANSON, IRON MAIDEN, OZZY, ROB ZOMBIE, KORN, NIN, etc. Instead of following someone elses lead, Marazene was here first.”

The Marazene Second Life machinima was co-produced by De Los Santos Productions and Ballenger Media.

Other than a short run of tour dates in July of this year with WEDNESDAY 13 and a headlining performance at the Quad Cities Cream Of The Crops Festival and The Chicago Horror Film Festival, Marazene have focused the better part of 2008 on writing and refining material for a new album which is expected to be released in 2009.

For more infomation: