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BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING Announce Release Date For “THE CRAZIES,” Album Artwork, Track Details

October 24, 2013
BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING: "THE CRAZIES" (The Zombie Song) Album Artwork - ©2013 Beauty In The Suffering

BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING: “THE CRAZIES” (The Zombie Song) Album Artwork – ©2013 Beauty In The Suffering

October 22, 2013
BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING Announce Release Date For “THE CRAZIES,” Album Artwork, Track Details

CHICAGO, IL (DLSP) — BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING, the newly launched electro-metal studio project from producer Dietrich Thrall (MARAZENE), will release the bands debut single, “THE CRAZIES,” on November 5, 2013.

Two years in the making, “THE CRAZIES” (The Zombie Song) marks the first new material released by DieTrich since MARAZENE‘s 2011’s critically hailed cover of MOTLEY CRUE‘s “LIVE WIRE.” and subsequent final single “WELCOME TO YOUR HOLIDAY.”

After spending the majority of 2012 locked away in his personal studio writing, arranging, and programming 40+ songs, DieTrich emerged for several minutes to announce his new project only to dive back into a 15 hour marathon studio session with drummer CHRIS EMERY of AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE. Other announced studio special guests include AARON “MONTY” MONTGOMERY (TRAPT), ANGEL BARTOLOTTA (DOPE, TEAM CYBERGEIST), CHRIS TELKES (NOCTURNE, THE RAZORBLADE DOLLS), and PROVO PROVENZANO (SKINLAB, RIKETS).

Provo has also been the engineering force behind the project. Said Provo: “BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING is one of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on lately. DieTrich is insanely precise in the studio and has a great vision for where his songs need to be and the diy ability and attitude to get it done right. DieTrich has also brought in some amazing studio musicians to help round out a unique and catchy collection of gritty and electronic based tunes. I can’t wait to get these songs out for the world to hear!

BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING are currently editing multiple full production videos for “THE CRAZIES” (The Zombie Song) as well as 2 other tracks, “REVEILLE” and “JULIET” that the band plans to drop in the coming weeks. Release dates for the songs and the videos are forthcoming.

BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING presents: “THE CRAZIES” (The Zombie Song) – Track details

“THE CRAZIES” (The Zombie Song) written, programmed, arranged, performed, and produced by DieTrich Thrall (MARAZENE).

Mixed and mastered by Provo Provenzano (RIKETS, SKINLAB) and DieTrich Thrall at Pirated Sounds Studios in Oklahoma City, OK.
Drums: Angel Bartolotta (DOPE, TEAM CYBERGEIST).
Additional guitars: Chris Telkes (NOCTURNE, THE RAZORBLADE DOLLS).
Additional engineering: Jason Schmidt at Redline Recording Studio in Venice, FL (drums).
Album artwork: Xàos

Special thanks to +++, my family, and my friends whose belief in this project helped make it happen.

The Beauty We Glean From The Suffering We Have Endured Can NEVER Be Denied..

More information:
@ Twitter: #BITSuffering

BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING (from left to right) Provo Provenzano, Justin Hogan, DieTrich Thrall, Chris Emery, and Cory Ford on the set of "THE CRAZIES" full production video.

BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING (from left to right) Provo Provenzano, Justin Hogan, DieTrich Thrall, Chris Emery, and Cory Ford on the set of “THE CRAZIES” full production video.



December 6, 2012

CHICAGO, IL (DLSP) — MARAZENE producer, multi-instrumentalist, programmer, and vocalist DieTrich Thrall has launched a new Electro-Metal studio project, BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING. The full statement posted on follows:

BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING is an evolving concept I came up with years ago that best described a sense of optimism during some bright spots of an otherwise massive struggle against overwhelming odds.

Music I have been writing and expressing over the last several years has been uniquely intimate in reflecting those struggles and I am very excited about putting out some fresh ideas that represent the here and now.

BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING deals with universal themes of love and loss, defeat and resolve, and struggle and triumph.

Everybody has moments where the road looks impossible to pass. But somehow, little by little we manage through our own inner strength and the purposeful placement of fate, chance, and karma. We emerge wiser and with a deeper understanding of ourselves and of our place in the world and the beauty we glean from the suffering we have endured can never be denied.

This is a journey I accepted long ago. I wear the scars of my personal triumph over my struggles with pride and I stand ready to face new challenges.

And, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, this is a new beginning. I thank you all for standing by my side during some very difficult years of active-inactivity. The future is wide open and full of nothing but payoff.”

DieTrich (pronounced Dee-Trick) is best known for his co-founding and co-visionary role in the industrial-metal band MARAZENE (later called MARAZENE MACHINE).

From managing the band during its most active and successful National touring years (2006-2008) with acts such as MUSHROOMHEAD, WEDNESDAY 13, DEADSTAR ASSEMBLY and PSYCLON NINE, to co-producing the bands critically hailed cover of MOTLEY CRUE‘s “LIVE WIRE” in 2011 as well as the bands lone official full length album (MachiNation, 2006), to writing fan favorite tracks such as “GIVE” (SkumF***erz), to guiding the bands philisophical and edgy lyrical approach (AnTiThesis, Infidel Society), to producing multiple videos for the band, DieTrich’s contributions and influence are heavily noted.

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MARAZENE MACHINE Covering MOTLEY CRUE’s “LIVE WIRE”, New Song Titles Dropped

October 26, 2010

MARAZENE circa 04.21.06 from l to r: Kristov, Stiph, Thrall, Gash, Skum - backstage after A Pearl Room performance with American Head Charge. This picture was taken only weeks before Kris would be diagnosed with cancer.


Chicago’s Electro-Metal MARAZENE MACHINE will cover MOTLEY CRUE‘s “LIVE WIRE” according to the bands Official website:

The Machine-Metal mavens – currently in-studio – have also posted two new song titles; “WELCOME TO YOUR HOLIDAY” and “THE VERY SAD FATE OF MISS DESDEMONA ANTOINETTE MARCEAUX“, both of which are expected to be key tracks on an as yet untitled self-produced new release.

“The rust is burning off the gears as the machine heats up,” multi-instrumentalist and vocalist NIKK SKUM noted. “We’ve been spring-loaded for awhile now. Once this train leaves the station, it’s not stopping till the end of the line…”

The band will be re-teaming up with JEFF VEREB (SMASHING PUMPKINS) for the final mix. Vereb was the mix engineer behind the ‘MachiNation‘ album as well as the tracks that appeared on THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS and RECALIBRATED box sets.

The principle songwriting tandem of producers DIETRICH THRALL and NIKK SKUM have largely kept a low profile since the tragic loss of co-founding member KRISTOPHER “KRISTOV” KEMP in early 2009 to a three year battle with colon cancer. In recent months however the members have been dropping hints as to demo progress while putting the finishing touches on the follow-up to 2007’s critically regarded ‘MachiNation’ album.

MARAZENE MACHINE won over industry insiders and fans Nationwide with their explosive, high-energy performances while touring the U.S. and Canada 100% DIY in 2006-2008 with such acts as MUSHROOMHEAD, THE HUMAN ABSTRACT, PSYCLON NINE, DEADSTAR ASSEMBLY, and WEDNESDAY 13.

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