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THRALL WORLD Obituary: R.I.P. BRIAN GRIFFIN 01.31.99 – 11.24.13

November 26, 2013

Sad news! Hard to imagine this as a permanenet move on the part of Seth MacFarlane and Co. Couldn’t they have just let Brian take a once in a lifetime career opportunity on the west coast? I mean, they did give Cleveland Brown his own show.

Producers allude the death of a main character opened the show up to new and fresh storyline possibilities.

“We thought it could be a fun way to shake things up.” – Steve Callaghan

Read the entire interview with the Family Guy producer HERE.

They have also wasted not time in introducing a new family dog as voiced by Tony Sirico from THE SOPRANOS. But since ome of the best storylines were with Brian and his back and forth between Stewie it will be a sorely missed dynamic of the show.

However the creators of FAMILY GUY want to spin it, THRALL WORLD foresees a future where Brian returns in dream sequences, flashbacks, alternate universe storylines – the list goes on – with a “Brian Returns” ratings booster somewhere down the road.

In any case – as you might expect – there is already an online petition to bring Brian back. Sign it HERE. Also a Facebook page to mourn or express outrage HERE.

Until then, we shall you miss you Brian.

R.I.P. BRIAN GRIFFIN 01.31.99 – 11.24.13

R.I.P. BRIAN GRIFFIN 01.31.99 – 11.24.13

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