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May 17, 2010

Source: Veteran producer Edward R. Pressman and filmmaker David Gordon Green are teaming to produce Adam Bhala Lough’s retro slasher film “Splatter Sisters,” with Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood attached to star. Film, penned by Lough, is the first in a planned franchise and is a sexploitation-serial-killer-slasher-road-movie circa 1989. Read more HERE. ——- […]


MARILYN MANSON Vs. POGO Lawsuit Update: Settlement Revealed

December 24, 2009

Source:, Southern California Public Radio, Marilyn Manson’s insurance coverage will pay $175,000 to settle a lawsuit brought against him by a former member of his band, but all of the money will go to the plaintiff’s attorney, a lawyer for the goth rocker said today. Read more HERE. Just a few days ago, […]


MARILYN MANSON Vs. POGO Lawsuit Resolved – Almost…

December 21, 2009

Source: Southern California Public Radio, The settlement of a lawsuit against Marilyn Manson by a former band member is being held up by the filing of a $72,000 lien for attorneys’ fees, lawyers told a judge today. Read more HERE. Marilyn Manson posted his reaction to the current state of the lawsuit on his […]


MARILYN MANSON Update: SWINE FLU Claim Denied By Management And LIVE NATION – No Tour Dates Cancelled

September 30, 2009

Source:, MARILYN MANSONS health status has been updated on his Official Twitter account… Manson recently wrote on his Myspace Celebrity blog (which has since been removed): “So I have officially been diagnosed, by a real doctor, with THE SWINE FLU. I know everyone will suggest that fucking a pig is how this disease […]


MARILYN MANSON Update: World Tour Dates Posted, Claims SWINE FLU Diagnosis In Blog

September 23, 2009

Source: Straight from the MARILYN MANSON Celebrity blog on Myspace: “So I have officially been diagnosed, by a real doctor, with THE SWINE FLU. I know everyone will suggest that fucking a pig is how this disease was obtained. However, the doctor said, my past choices in women have in no way contributed to […]


MARILYN MANSON: “TWIGGY Writes From His Heart – TIM SKOLD Writes From His Checkbook”

July 17, 2009

Source: From a new interview with MARILYN MANSON: Q: Why do you think Twiggy and former bassist/guitarist Tim Skold couldn’t co-exist in the band together? A: Twiggy writes song from the heart, and Tim Skold writes from his checkbook. Read more HERE. Not buying it. Skold is a gifted and clever writer with a […]


MARILYN MANSON Update: New Interviews Posted

June 12, 2009

Source: Shockhound, Suicide Girls Check out a new interview with SHOCKHOUND (video) SUICIDE GIRLS (text). Click HERE for more of the latest on Manson happenings. There’s a lot. ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM Festival tour dates featuring; MARILYN MANSON, SLAYER, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, BEHEMOTH, TRIVIUM and more. For a full lineup click HERE. Jul. […]


MARILYN MANSON Update: New Album Debuts At No. 4 On BILLBOARD, Does Interview With BBC While Trashed – Audio Available

June 4, 2009

Source: BBC, The new album from MARILYN MANSON, entitled “The High End Of Low”, sold 49,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 4 on The Billboard 200 chart. Also, a BBC reporter has just posted an article about the “strangest interview ever” that he […]


TRENT REZNOR Trashes MARILYN MANSON In New Interview; “He’s Become A Dopey Clown”

June 2, 2009

Source:, Mojo TRENT REZNOR on MARILYN MANSON: “He is a malicious guy and will step on anybody’s face to succeed and cross any line of decency. Seeing him now, drugs and alcohol now rule his life and he’s become a dopey clown.” Read more HERE. REZNOR update (he’s engaged) and NINE INCH NAILS tour […]


MARILYN MANSON Talks New Album, Reuniting With TWIGGY RAMIREZ, More In New Interview

June 1, 2009

Source:, MARILYN MANSON On Myspace MARILYN MANSON on working with TWIGGY RAMIREZ on the new album, ‘THE HIGH END OF THE LOW’: “What we do together on this record, no one else can do. This is the record we wanted to make, at the right time, as friends. We needed each other.” Read the […]