TEAM CYBERGEIST Offers Fans Chance To Be In New ‘ZOMBIE’ Video, Details

October 21, 2013


Cool opportunity for all zombie fans from our friends over in the TEAM CYBERGEIST camp:

Want to be in Team Cybergeist’s music video for the brand new song “Zombie”? Here’s your chance!!!

Dress up like a zombie and film yourself! Go crazy! Jump around! Start a zombie mosh pit in your living room! Act like a zombie! Sing your heart out or lip-sync! Rock out with some drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, or any other instrument (actually play or fake it)! Just go nuts!!! Walk around like the living dead! Climb out of your sandbox! Eat someone’s brains! Use your imagination and go crazy!

Also, you don’t have to use makeup and effects. If all you do is walk around acting like a zombie, that’s good enough for us! 😉

Have a zombie themed event or party coming up? Film it!

Get your family, friends, kids, grandparents, pets, teachers, reverends, bus drivers, and everyone else involved! The more the merrier! The more footage we have, the better this video will be. Only 1 rule: ACT LIKE A ZOMBIE!

More info at the bands OFFICIAL SITE.



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