INCREDIBLE HULK Television Series In The Works At ABC + More MARVEL Properties Up For Development

October 16, 2010

THE INCREDIBLE HULK heading back to the small screen

Source: Deadline.com, Yahoo

ABC is in very early stages of development of a live-action series adaptation of the popular Marvel comic book character. There is no writer on board yet.

Read more HERE.

Also – a few more Marvel titles/characters in line to be brought to the small screen from Yahoo:

[A] second hot property is “Cloak and Dagger,” which is being developed as a possible show for ABC Family.


“Heroes for Hire” (focusing on ex-con Luke Cage offering to take on bad guys for a price);

“The Eternals” (a race of superpowered beings live amid humanity in secret, inspiring legends);

“Agents of Atlas, Alter Ego” (private investigator Jessica Jones takes on cases involving superhumans);

“Moon Knight, the Red Hood” (a low-rent criminal discovers a cloak that gives him superpowers);

“Ka-Zar” (a Tarzan-type and his saber-toothed tiger must journey to the concrete jungle to seek justice);

“Daughters of the Dragon” (a dynamic female duo, one with a bionic arm and the other a granddaughter of a samurai, open a private-detective agency); and

“The Punisher” (one man wages a war on crime; already adapted as two feature films).

CLOAK AND DAGGER television series in development


  1. cast sharlto copley as bruce banner in the new hulk tv show.

  2. i want marvel studios or Abc production to cast sharlto copley as bruce banner right now.

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