‘PREACHER’ Update: DARREN ARONOFSKY In The Running As Director

October 1, 2010

DARREN ARONOFSKY: reportedly in the running as director of both the new SUPERMAN and PREACHER movies

Source: Newsarama

About once a year THRALL WORLD hears a new rumor regarding a PREACHER adaptation. Director SAM MENDES was attached briefly. Then he wasn’t attached. Before it got to Mendes it was being proposed as a 66 episode HBO series by MARK STEVEN HOWARD. Before that Ennis wrote a movie script himself.

The latest?

[Darren] Aronofsky is being targeted to direct Columbia Pictures’ big screen production of PREACHER, based on the comic book series published by Vertigo, DC Comics’ Mature Readers imprint. DC of course is also the publishing home to the MAN OF STEEL and a subsidiary of Warner Bros.

Given Superman is also targeting a 2011 production, Aronofsky would almost certainly be unable to direct both.

Read more HERE.

Aronofsky is hot coming off of his crtically acclaimed BLACK SWAN movie and the blogosphere on overdrive about the possibility he may direct the new SUPERMAN movie. Not the best fit but under CHRISTOPHER NOLAN’s collaborative and producing eye it could work.

Aronofsky on PREACHER? Now that sounds like a no bullshit brainer.

And THRALL WORLD maintains PREACHER would best be served as a 2-3 year 10 episode a season series on HBO or SHOWTIME with LANCE HENRICKSEN as THE SAINT OF KILLERS. The ‘Saint’ role was written with CLINT EASTWOOD in mind and the ‘Saint’ character plays a major part of the story, forcing the penultimate showdown in the story along with a “shock” prologue showdown as well.

Sounds like Nolan’s SUPERMAN is on a fast track so we should all know something soon one way or another.

Cover To PREACHER #1

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