‘SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL’ Update – Bigger Role For CHRISTOPHER NOLAN Overall As Two More Join List Of Potential Directors

September 28, 2010

DARREN ARONOFSKY: reportedly in the running as director of the new SUPERMAN movie

Source: Heatvision

Lots of noise about the upcoming SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL movie being produced by CHRISTOPHER NOLAN. Hot topic is who will direct? THRALL WORLD posted a handful of leading contenders a couple of days ago that included DUNCAN JONES, JONATHAN LIEBESMAN, MATT REEVES, TONY SCOTT, and ZACK SNYDER.

Here’s the latest:

The derby to helm the Christopher Nolan-produced Man of Steel pic has become the talk of the town. Nolan is knee-deep in the selection process, and he and producer/wife Emma Thomas will be heavily involved in the movie, so he’s looking for a director who is able to handle the elaborate production and willing to collaborate.

“Willing to collaborate” is new. A bigger role for Nolan as the movie is realized. This can only be a good thing.

BEN AFLLECK was apparently on the short list:

..extremely popular at Warners after making “The Town,” a critical and box-office hit. But according to insiders, the actor-director — who, ironically, once portrayed the actor who played Superman on TV in “Hollywoodland” — met about “Superman” last week but is nolonger pursuing it.


..riding high on buzz generated by his upcoming “Black Swan,” is still in active talks, according to sources. But it’s early.

Read more HERE.

Check out Nolan’s comments this past March on his upcoming projects HERE which include a third Batman movie which he will be directing and a new Superman sequel which he will be producing.

CHRISTOPHER NOLAN, shown here directing a key scene from 'THE DARK KNIGHT', will direct a third BATMAN sequel and produce a new SUPERMAN sequel


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