RIDLEY SCOTT – New ALIEN Prequel Will Be “Really Nasty”

September 5, 2010

'ALIEN' Movie Poster circa 1979

Source: Independent.co.uk

Set 30 years before the 1979 original, so with no room for Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley, the prequels will explore the origins of the deadly aliens.

“The film will be really tough, really nasty,” [RIDLEY SCOTT] notes. “It’s the dark side of the moon. We are talking about gods and engineers. Engineers of space. And were the aliens designed as a form of biological warfare? Or biology that would go in and clean up a planet?”

Read more HERE.

Word on the street is that this is a 2-part pair of prequels, both of which Ridley Scott will be involved with.

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  1. […] Ridley is currently working on a pair of ALIEN prequels while THRALL WORLD is currently tracking down a copy of this book for immediate consumption… […]

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