RALPH FIENNES Directing And Starring In Modern Retelling Of Shakespeare’s CORIOLANUS – Details, Set Photos, More

April 12, 2010


Source: 30Ninjas.com, IMDB

THRALL WORLD is always curious to hear about what RALPH FIENNES (THE ENGLISH PATIENT, SCHINDLER’S LIST, THE END OF THE AFFAIR, RED DRAGON, THE CONSTANT GARDENER, THE DUCHESS, CLASH OF THE TITANS)is up to and we always take great interest in anything involving SHAKESPEARE. Now comes news of a modern retelling of CORIOLANUS. Currently filming in Serbia this is the directorial debut for the immensely talented Fiennes.

RALPH FIENNES directs and stars in 'CORIOLANUS'

Plot synopsis: The citizens of Rome are hungry. Coriolanus, the hero of Rome, a great soldier and a man of inflexible self-belief despises the people. His extreme views ignite a mass riot. Rome is bloody. Manipulated and out-maneuvered by politicians and even his own mother Volumnia, Coriolanus is banished from Rome. He offers his life or his services to his sworn enemy Tullus Aufidius. Coriolanus and Aufidius march on Rome intending to destroy the city. Volumnia appeals to her son. He tries to reject her but eventually breaks.

No release date yet. Gerard Butler (300), Brian Cox (KINGS, TROY, X-MEN 2, MANHUNTER), and Jessica Chastain will also star.

Read more HERE.

RALPH FIENNES directing a scene on the set of 'CORIOLANUS'

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