Producer NEAL MORITZ Offers ‘PREACHER’ Movie Update – SAM MENDES No Longer Involved – Script Finished

April 12, 2010

Cover To PREACHER #1

Source: Collider.com

Director SAM MENDES, who THRALL WORLD posted a bit ago as being involved with the big screen adapt, is now officially OFF the movie. Mendes is going to direct the new JAMES BOND movie instead. Also:

JOHN AUGUST (writer and director of THE NINES, also screenwiter for several TIM BURTON movies – CORPSE BRIDE, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, BIG FISH – as well as CHARLIE’S ANGELS and GO) has finished the script and is interested in directing the movie as well. He ends the first movie in a way that they could continue with “a few movies rather than trying for just one film.”

[Producer NEAL MORITZ] envisions shooting Preacher in 2011.

Definitely rated R.

Read more HERE.

THRALL WORLD continues to believe PREACHER would best be served as a 2-3 year 10 episode per season series on HBO or SHOWTIME. A two hour movie will leave lots of interesting twists and turns from the 66+ issue series out. We remain optimstic of the potential movie based on the strength of Garth Ennis’ fantastic story.

And LANCE HENRICKSEN as THE SAINT OF KILLERS please? The role was written with CLINT EASTWOOD in mind but Clint’s pretty busy these days. We’ve always liked HENRICKSEN, particularly in the MILLENNIUM series.

For additional background on the PREACHER story itself go HERE.


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  1. […] hears a new rumor regarding a PREACHER adaptation. Director SAM MENDES was attached briefly. Then he wasn’t attached. Before it got to Mendes it was being proposed as a 66 episode HBO series by MARK STEVEN HOWARD. […]

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