FEAR FACTORY Update: BURTON C. BELL “Not On Good Terms” With HERRERA And WOLBERS – “They F***ed Me Over”

December 29, 2009



Source: PyroMusic.net

PyroMusic.net: With Dino having been out of the band for a number of years, were you expecting a lot of eye-rolling and uncertainty from people when you announced that the two of you were working together again?

Burton C. Bell: No, I didn’t expect any uncertainty, because Dino and I are the founders of Fear Factory and it was Dino’s sound, or Dino’s style that really created the sound of Fear Factory. So I didn’t expect any uncertainty, I just would have…. one of the experiences is that people have been very excited and very anxious what we have created for this new album.

PM.net: There’s been a lot of media coverage of the legal banter between the two camps. Has that all been settled now and are you on good terms with Raymond and Christian now?

Burton C. Bell: The legal issues the fans don’t need to worry about. All they need to know is that Fear Factory has not been stopped and we are touring. We have been touring, we have a new record coming out and whatever legal issues are going on the fans don’t need to know about it.

PM.net: Without trying to push the point, are you on good terms personally with those guys now?
Burton C. Bell: I am not on good terms with those guys, they fucked me over.

Read the entire interview HERE.

New Album title: ‘MECHANIZE’
European release date: 02.05.10 via AFM Records
U.S. release date: 02.09.10 via CandleLight Records


Burton C. Bell
Dino Cazares
Byron Stroud
Gene Hoglan




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