‘IRON MAN 2’: New WHIPLASH Poster, Viral Marketing Campaign Updated

December 11, 2009

'IRON MAN 2' Movie Poster

Source: IMDB, TotalFilm.com

'IRON MAN 2' Movie Poster

THRAL WORLD has observed that most of the movie sites have forgotten about the first viral site for IRON MAN 2 (which we posted a bit ago) amongst all the web chatter of the “first viral marketing clue” for IRON MAN 2. But the image below does appear to be going in a much more intriguing direction…

This press clipping looks like it could have been taken from the wall in the Whiplash poster. Not much is given away, but we can see that someone is following Tony Stark very closely after his Iron Man announcement at the end of the first film.

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