DAVID LYNCH Turned Down Offer By GEORGE LUCAS To Direct ‘RETURN OF THE JEDI’ – Here’s Why

December 10, 2009


Source: FORA.tv

THRALL WORLD stumbled across this interesting interview with LOST HIGHWAY and MULHOLLAND DRIVE director DAVID LYNCH who chats about a date he had with Star Wars creator GEORGE LUCAS sometime before the third and final installment of the hugely popular Star Wars franchise; RETURN OF THE JEDI was filmed. The purpose of the get-together? Lucas offering Lynch chance to direct the aformentioned and iconic movie.

Couple of quick notes – this offer came before Lynch was to inevitably direct the much criticized DUNE science fiction movie (which THRALL WORLD loved).

Also, in the interview Lynch mentions how Lucas showed him some pre-production artwork for “wookies”. This may have been wookie art or it may have actually been ewok art – we may never find out for sure – but if it was in fact ewok art then we can see how Lynch might have passed on the opportunity.

DEAD EWOK Action Figure

We all know by now that the ewoks weakened the Jedi movie by about a billion-fold. They clearly made the stormtroopers look much less dangerous and when Emperer Palpatine says “An entire legion of my BEST troops” is supposedly guarding the shield that is enveloping the presumed unfinished Death Star you really have to wonder what the heck was up with those clones!? For 20 years the ewoks would end up being an unfortunate testament to Lucas’s claim that the Star Wars movies were in fact geared more towards children as opposed to teens or adults.

But all does end well – eventually Lucas would make up for his error and we would all end up seeing the missing REVENGE OF THE WOOKIES scenes in the brilliant ‘REVENGE OF THE SITH’ installment. And with that in mind, if you go back and try to re-imagine that the ewoks are in fact wookies and not the other way around then you can reclaim a bit of that danger needed to give JEDI the weight it needed to be a fantastic overcoming-overwhelming-odds final act in one of the greatest stories ever told.

Check out the interview portion that deals with Star Wars below and the entire interview HERE.


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