DUNE Remake Update: PETER BERG Is Out – Frontrunners To Direct Are NEIL MARSHALL And NEILL BLOMPKAMP

October 28, 2009


'DUNE' (DAVID LYNCH Version) Movie Poster circa 1984

Source: Pajiba.com

The latest:

Peter Berg completely dropped the project a few weeks ago — his Film 44 production company backed out, and now Paramount is scrambling to find a new director.

The search, however, has run into two issues: 1) they’re looking for a director who can put the movie together for under $175 million, which sounds manageable, but they don’t want anything resembling the crap effects of the ‘84 film, and 2) they want a director who already has a preexisting passion for the novel and is enthusiastic about the project. Right now, Paramount is shopping the script to two directors: They like Neill Blompkamp (District 9), who has the right vision, but the frontrunner, at the moment, is Neil Marshall (The Descent), who was sent the script early this month. However, despite the enthusiasm of producer, Kevin Misher (Public Enemies), the studio is somewhat tepid on Marshall, uncertain about handing over a $175 million film with franchise potential to a somewhat unknown director whose only hit was the modestly successful The Descent.

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  1. im assuming this has nothing in common with the computer game dune 2000 eh’? that was a fun ame…everplay that one back in the day there Mr. Thrall?

    *goes and tries to find it online*

  2. Have not – but I do have the Command & Conquer and C&C Red Alert for PS1 (basically the same game) which I still pull out and play from time to time. Addictive!

  3. […] Paramount has found a new director for its remake of the sci-fi classic Dune, after Peter Berg dropped off the project in October. The studio has hired Taken helmer Pierre Morel to oversee the […]

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