‘2012’ – 5 Minute Scene Posted – “How To Outrun An Apocalyptic Earthquake With Your Limo”

October 3, 2009

'2012' Movie Poster

'2012' Movie Poster

Source: Youtube

THRALL WORLD has not laughed this hard all year long. Roland Emmerich is truly the Ed Wood of his time. In the scene below Emmerich shows us the finesse needed to avoid being swallowed up by the much Nostradamus-prophesized apocalyptic earthquake that will inevitably devour California. It turns out all you need is a limo and all of the combined luck of every human being that has ever lived on this planet over the course of our species entire existence…

But contrary to what you might think – we absolutely WILL be in attendance on opening day. Why!? As we mentioned previously

Plot synopsis: An academic researcher leads a group of people in a fight to counteract the apocalyptic events that were predicted by the ancient Mayan calendar.

“Directed” AND “written” by Roland Emerich (ooo boy…) and scheduled for release on November 13th, ‘2012’ stars; John Cusack, Thandie Newton, Woody Harrelson, Amanda Peet, Morgan Lily, Danny Glover, and Oliver Platt.



  1. Now I know when is the best time to buy a Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series (0-100 km/h [0-62 mph]: less than 3.9 s, 0-200 km/h [0-124 mph]: 11.0 s, V-max: 320 km/h [199 mph])!!

  2. lol to GaliLu!! and another reason to see the movie is John Cusack – he never disappoints – even though this movie will almost definitely.

  3. you can see how they did the limo scene here in this making of video, http://www.ragingartists.com/sway it’s a cool technology

  4. I just found the video of the making of this scene. The limo is totally virtual: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZh3Aa16BZA

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