‘SILENT HILL’ Sequel Confirmed

September 15, 2009

'SILENT HILL' Movie Poster

'SILENT HILL' Movie Poster

Source: HollywoodReporter.com, IMDB

Roger Avary and Samuel Hadida of Davis Films are climbing back up “Silent Hill.”

The screenwriter and producer have signed on for a sequel to their 2006 video game adaptation.

The original, based on the Konami game, centered on a woman who travels to a desolate town to seek help for her ailing daughter only to find supernatural occurrences taking place there.

Read more HERE.

It is most likely that director Christophe Gans will return as well since he viewed the first Silent Hill as the first in a series of films:

“I prepared myself for six years to do this job, knowing that every fan in the world would wait for me with an axe. I will be sniped when I go to buy my games at my favorite store if I do a bad job. And I understand that, I’m a fan of the game myself…I admire the work of Akira and his friends, and I feel very much like someone who joined the group and tried to transport that amazing piece of art into a different medium.”

Read more about Silent Hill and get some insight on some of the twists and turns on the movies official IMDB FAQ page HERE.

'SILENT HILL' Movie Poster

'SILENT HILL' Movie Poster


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