Confirmed: BRYAN SINGER To Direct ‘BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’ Theatrical Movie, GLEN LARSON To Produce – No Relation To Recent SYFY Series

August 14, 2009



Source: Variety

Universal Pictures has set Bryan Singer to direct and produce a feature version of “Battlestar Galactica.”

[Bryan Singer was to be invovled with the series reimagining before] Ronald D. Moore came on as executive producer and oversaw the 73-episode series relaunch, which had a critically acclaimed run on Syfy.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether Moore would be invited to write the screenplay, but it is clear that Singer will put his own creative stamp on the project as the studio indicates that the film will be “[another] complete re-imagination.”

Read more HERE.

THRALL WORLD believes that it will be extremely difficult for anyone to do in two hours of film what R.D. Moore’s incredibly rich and textured BSG reimagining succeeded in doing in its 70+ episode television run.



  1. […] fubar (due to the Siegel heirs regaining copyright copntrol of the character in a few years) and Singer’s involvement with Battlestar Galactica somewhat of a risk considering how popular the SyFy series was and how the BSG movie will be yet […]

  2. I’m sick and tired of hearing the lie that Moore’s version of Galactica was a hit. It might have done well on a second rate cable channel but when it was aired on NBC it was slaughtered in the ratings. As for critical praise, the critics panned the original Star Wars so I don’t really care what critics think. Battlestar Galactica belongs to Glen Larson and the fans of the original series who have waited 30+ years for a revival. You GINO fans had four years of boring, depressing sci-soap, so just stay home and watch it on DVD when the movie comes out.

  3. This is good news if its true. The old series needs to be ended by Larson. The show deserves that.

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