THRALL WORLD Obituary: R.I.P. LES PAUL – Solid-Body Guitar Innovator Was 94 Years Old

August 13, 2009

R.I.P. LES PAUL (06.09.1915 – 08.13.2009)

R.I.P. LES PAUL (06.09.1915 – 08.13.2009)

Source: CNN.com

THRALL WORLD is very sad to post the following:

Les Paul, whose innovations with the electric guitar and studio technology made him one of the most important figures in recorded music, has died, according to a statement from his publicists. Paul was 94.

Paul died in White Plains, New York, from complications of severe pneumonia, according to the statement.

Paul was a guitar and electronics mastermind whose creations — such as multitrack recording, tape delay and the solid-body guitar that bears his name, the Gibson Les Paul — helped give rise to modern popular music, including rock ‘n’ roll. No slouch on the guitar himself, he continued playing at clubs into his 90s despite being hampered by arthritis.

Read more HERE.

My 1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom is the only guitar I play.

The GIBSON LES PAUL: Simply Put - The BEST Guitar Ever Created Period

The GIBSON LES PAUL: Simply Put - The BEST Guitar Ever Created Period



  1. thinkin of buying a studio LP here soon…thats a sexy guitar though – vintage is ruly the way togobt my pockets aren deep enough for it – unless i go epi like i hve now, was thinkin the slash epi LP is a nice buy, very similar to the gibson, the neck is the main difference, but its actually beter for me since its smaller and i have tiny hands…who knows…as long as the tone is good im down with it

  2. but wait, youvenever played a PRS tremonti model or santana II have you, those are just as god, maybe even better than the lp….but maybe just a lil

  3. RAPE

  4. This is very nice Guitar.
    What are the basic Differences With ibanez and Gibson Les Paul

  5. nice guitar

  6. i just got a nighthawk for my birthday, but i stil want a les paul deeply…sadly i have no money. nayway R.I.P.

  7. i realy love les paul guitars,
    i have les paul diamond guitar made by japan,
    and it have realy cool sound for blues player!!

    love it.. thnk u les paul!!

  8. i love gibson. You
    have somethng thatm i like.

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