FEAR FACTORY Update: BURTON C. BELL Strikes Back – Dispute Over Band Manager Origin Of Issues That Led To Current Lawsuit Over Band Name

August 4, 2009



Source: RockMyMonkey.com, Blabbermouth.net

In a new interview, original Fear Factory vocalist Burton C. Bell states that the problems with Fear Factory arose when original drummer Raymond Herrera and bassist Christian Wolbers brought in Christian’s wife to manage the band – a move he vehemently opposed. Following is a transcription of a portion of the interview.

Burton: Before I go off on all the comments and everything, I’d like to make an official statement first. First of all, I just want to cut through a lot of the confusion about one issue since it really will be part of every answer. I have not made a public statement about it; I’m not one to air dirty laundry, but I have been forced to correct certain misstatements by Raymond and Christian. The fact that I have not worked with Raymond and Christian for the past three years as FEAR FACTORY is for this one reason — it’s that I did not want to be involved with their manager. Her name is Christy Priske and she happens to be Christian’s wife. During the “Transgression” mixing session, her and Raymond started a love affair that lasted for a couple years. As [she was the] manager of FEAR FACTORY, this was completely unacceptable to me.

Rock My Monkey: Were you aware that the two of them [Christian and Raymond] were working on a new FEAR FACTORY CD?

Burton: To begin with, I think it was irresponsible of Raymond and Christian to discuss specific business transactions in the media, but I can tell you that I never agreed to any deal that Raymond, Christian and Christy proposed for two reasons: The terms that they brought to the table were unacceptable; and I would just not allow the band to be managed by Christy. After I took that position, Raymond, Christy and Christian threatened to sign the deal anyway without me, claiming that they had spent a lot of money on attorneys to negotiate the deal even though I never approved of the expenditure or saw any of the proposed agreements.

Read more of the interview HERE or listen to the full interview HERE.

Burtons interview is in direct response to an interview with original Fear Factory drummer Raymond Herrera done by the same metal webzine. Listen to his take on the situation HERE.


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