The latest from IRAN: Peaceful Protests Lead To Hard-Line Crackdown

June 20, 2009

IRAN: Mousavi Supporter

IRAN: Mousavi Supporter

Source: Youtube, The Huffington Post, TehranLive.org

THRALL WORLD has been following the reports coming out of IRAN of voter irregularities, civil unrest, mass protests of up to hundreds of thousands IRANIANS, and the rising violence as the government of Iran has been trying to figure out when to say when (and how to say it).

Peacful march circa mid-week:

Needless to say, when you have a country run by a government that does not have a genuine love for freedom of speech, it can make it difficult to obtain news and updates in any sensible or credible fashion. But that hasn’t stopped blogger NICO PITNEY from giving it a solid shot. Check out his collected video and photos of a very tumultuous Iran HERE. His tribute to the Iranian Uprising is quite possibly the best on the web (and if there’s better someone please comment me a link). On any other day of the week I would call the web outlet Nico writes for a bunch of people who see voting irregularities whenever their candidate of choice doesn’t win. But as someone once said, even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

When reports first began to come out of Iran of civil unrest it was difficult to tell how widespread the unrest was. But video and images from the past several days paint a much clearer picture and there can be no doubt. People are being hurt and in some cases killed with the violence in an apparent “just getting warmed up” cycle. And things will likely get much worse than they are before they get better.

IRAN: Peaceful Protest

IRAN: Peaceful Protest

The major networks coverage of Iran during their historical identity crisis has been minimal – but that is understandable to a degree. There is absolutely NO legitimate foreign press being allowed anywhere in Iran at this time.

In response to this you have seen many Iranians turn to two social networking sites, Youtube and Twitter, to get news out about what’s going on on the streets (Youtube video) and information on what, where, when, how, and why etc. (Twitter). For their part, Youtube has even relaxed content restrictions and Twitter has foregone maintenance schedules in an effort to keep the viral tools available to Iranians.

One of the better Iranian information outlets we were keeping an eye on, TehranLive.org, has not updated since the 17th which has left us unsettled. Please click HERE to go see some of the stunning images posted by a 7 Times the Speed of LIFE Observer half a world away…

We support all of our Iranian brothers and sister during this time of confusion and sorrow. They face a very uphill battle. We only wish we could do more.

Poem before the storm:


Candidate MEHDI KARROUBI campaign ad previous to the election:

For those of you wondering, the green armbands and ribbons that you see many Iranians displaying represent a show of support for the reform candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi. Mousavi has rejected the election results and has adamantly claimed voting irregularities (he supposedly lost in his home region).





  1. what i find to be swiftly ironic…is the very democracy they were tryng to create, the very values they shot for…have in a sense backfired- thi is so far from democracy…if the vote was rigged it would be a political catastrophy to is a country who has seen its fairshare of decieving lying bastards…all i hope is we dont get another thianemens square -(

  2. thank you for posting this entry…
    thank you for posting it in green.
    iran is green
    universities, schools, streets
    green hope…

    thank you

  3. you know nothing about my country and its people! thosoe who burn and kill in the name of freedom are nothing more than


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