GUILLERMO DEL TORO: ‘THE STRAIN’ Teaser “Trailer” Posted

May 31, 2009



Source: Youtube, TheStrainBook.com

Ok. I get it now.

I was googling/researching for some cast and release date info for what I thought was GUILLERMO DEL TORO’s new vampire movie, ‘THE STRAIN’, and came up empty. A new trailer has been released (which you can view below).

But it turns out, ‘THE STRAIN isn’t a movie. It’s a book that Del Toro wrote with author CHUCK HOGAN.

So then. Check out a sneak-peek “trailer” of Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s The Strain, the start of a new vampire trilogy. More info at www.thestrainthebook.com.

And stop confusing thee Thrall World.



  1. The vampire storieswithout beautiful young people, romantic story and eternal love? The really scary stories?
    YAY! Gentlemen, I am your fan forever.

  2. lol yay no more twilight shit….ugh had this bn the time in m life i as way into vampires i woulda killed a few bitches

  3. Q: ‘Who is better? Anne Rice or Stephenie Meyer?’
    A: Harlequin Enterprises!
    [GalilLu 06.01/02.09 All rights reserved.]

    How can murder be romantic?

  4. I hope they consider John Leguizamo as “Gus” when filming the movie. He would be great for that role! Loved the trilogy books. I hope they do a good job if making this into a three part movie.

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