‘H2’ HALLOWEEN 2 Update: New Interview With ROB ZOMBIE

May 16, 2009

'H2': MICHAEL MEYERS Returns August 28th, 2009

'H2': MICHAEL MEYERS Returns August 28th, 2009

Source: SlashFilm.com

ROB ZOMBIE on his approach to the sequel that is more of a continuation of his version of HALLOWEEN rather than the old-school HALLOWEEN 2 sequel:

“…I started with Laurie Strode. The reality now is this: here is a girl who wakes up, her parents are murdered, most of her friends are murdered, and she finds out her brother is the person who killed everybody. What is the reality of that? What does that do to a person?”

On his approach being considered “sacrilege” by critics for not following the original Halloween films:

“I don’t think it’s sacrilege. I think what is sacrilege is all of the shitty sequels. [laughs] I mean, is that what everyone enjoyed?”

And in one of the more interesting reveals of the interview, BRAD DOURIF, has a much meatier role in the sequel which we here at THRALL WORLD are very pleased to hear about:

“…this movie also focuses a lot on Sheriff Brackett. I’m really excited about that. Brad Dourif has a huge role in this film [as Brackett], and he’s spectacular. He becomes very much like Laurie’s surrogate father. He feels responsible.”

Read the entire interview HERE.

THRALL WORLD is a huge fan of BRAD DOURIF from as far back as some of his earlier roles in the movies RAGTIME, DUNE and ALIEN: RESURRECTION, to more recent epics such as THE LORD OF THE RINGS, from his stint on DEADWOOD, to guest appearances on some of our favorite shows such as BABYLON 5, MILLENNIUM, X-FILES, and STAR TREK: VOYAGER.

‘H2’ hits theaters August 28th, 2009 and stars Malcolm McDowell, Scout Taylor-Compton, Danielle Harris, Brad Dourif, Tyler Mane, Sheri Moon Zombie, Brea Grant, Matt Bush, Margot Kidder, Howard Hesseman, and Bill Fagerbakke.

In other recent ‘H2’ HALLOWEEN 2 updates:


Check out a new interview with SCOUT TAYLOR-COMPTON HERE.

Chase Wright Vanek picks up the Young Michael Myers role from DAEG FAERCH. ZOMBIE felt it best to recast the role as

“the scenes [with Daeg] just didn’t work anymore. Daeg is no longer a little boy, he is a teenager with a deep voice.”


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