New Interview With ‘TERMINATOR SALVATION’ Director McG

May 4, 2009



Source: FilmJournal.com

If you’re as excited as we are about the upcoming ‘TERMINATOR SALVATION’ movie then you are definitely going to want to check out a new interview with director McG.

McG on taking on the Terminator franchise:

“I wanted to be respectful and tell [original Terminator director] Jim [Cameron] that I intended to honor what he put into motion. And I believed him when he told me that he finished telling the story at the end of the second film. So I brought it to him that the story was still worth exploring because [Terminator Salvation] was about the future war between the machines and humanity.”

On what to expect from a followup sequel to Terminator Salvation:

“I strongly suspect the next movie is going to take place in a [pre-Judgment Day] 2011. John Connor is going to travel back in time and he’s going to have to galvanize the militaries of the world for an impending Skynet invasion.”

In addition to a load of more details on the above topics, McG also chats it up over why he chose Christian Bale as John Connor and his preference for practical special effects over CGI.

Check out the entire interview HERE.

In other recent ‘TERMINATOR SALVATION’ updates:

Users can follow tweets from the resistance at the first-ever game created for Twitter.com/Resistance2018.

LINDA HAMILTON recently confirmed she was in “active negotiations” to reprise her role as SARAH CONNOR in some capacity. Read more on that HERE.

Click HERE for the SKYNET viral marketing site.


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