‘It’s A Thrall World’ – 1,000,000 Views: Thank You!!!

April 30, 2009

DieTrich Thrall: Man of Mystery <-- (that's sarcasm people)

DieTrich Thrall: Man of Mystery <-- (that's sarcasm people)

1,000,000 Views: Thank You!!!

1,000,000 Views: Thank You!!!

Source: Here and There

1,000,000 views in about 10 months. Hard to believe but true. Sounds like a lot. It kinda is when you consider that I have largely kept the site on the down-lo while I try and work out the kinks. I still consider this to be an early early BETA mode version for It’s A Thrall World but the steady drive-by readership doesn’t hurt.

For those of you wondering, It’s A Thrall World has taken the pace of the bulletins I used to post on a semi-regular basis on my Myspace page. It’s sort of a blog / webzine / news aggregator combo plus on a beer-filled night of “fukk ME!? No fukk YOU dood!!” all in RAGING Thrall-O-Vision.

A love-fest of unspeakable apocalyptic Tragedy, Consequences, and All That Could’ve Been…

Sort of a when Terror, Death, and Destruction met Peace, Love, and thee Dove and had thee red-headed Anti-Christ-Alien step-child that ended up destroying thee world but then realized it was too lonely without all of thee stupidity and brought thee world and everyone in it back but wiped everyones memory…

Something like that…

Now then… if anybody needs me I’ll be hanging out in my swine/bird/human flu-proof, rogue-state nuke proof, global economic-catastrophy proof, suicide bomber proof, american idol proof, obama 747 flyby the Chicago skyline proof, crossing the street without looking both ways proof, C+C (chips + cheese) loaded bunker…

and working on new music and stuffs




  1. how did you mnge to proff you bunker of all that stuff – wow i col use that skill there! ive got te c+c though – doritos and cheddar dip = yum!

    i love this place – ive told everyone in ear shot about it, co workers, family, friends, enemies, doctors, and thee ppl at the mcdonalds drive tru window on a drunken occasion…

    dont think you could have described this any better hun…

  2. lol thx. it was tricky… but i totally did it 😉

  3. heyz i went to work and someone metioned soemthing about blogging soooo i totally put the word out for ppl to come here – ya know so they know what a cool blog should be lol

    and i think you need to share th wisdmn of magically proffing your bunker of all the worlds tragdies when i get to chi town, that could come in handy one day lol

  4. Let me add my congratulations, sir.
    Am I pretty much too late to the bunker party?

  5. yea – we should definatley be invited to a bunker party! good idea! hahaha

  6. The question is: the bunker party of the year at Fort Dietrich or at Cheyenne Mountain?

  7. totally fort dietrich – chicago is wayyyyy cool =)lol…and besides then we donthave to worry abut swne flu =)

  8. So, I need only the Asgard teleporter. Mine is still not working =o

  9. hmmms ive got plane tickets to chi on the 22nd of this month…im sure ther is a flight around you with a similar date and desination lol

    try what the russian guy in armageddon did – beat it with a monkey wrench 😉

  10. oki lol

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