‘DROP DEAD FRED’ Headed For Remake

April 28, 2009

'DROP DEAD FRED' Movie Poster

'DROP DEAD FRED' Movie Poster

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Universal is resurrecting “Drop Dead Fred,” this time as a starring vehicle for Russell Brand. Dennis McNicholas, one of the writers of Universal’s upcoming “Land of the Lost,” will pen the remake.

The 1991 original starred Phoebe Cates as a wallflower who loses her job and husband during the course of a lunch hour. Forced to live back home, she’s reunited with her childhood imaginary friend (Brit actor Rik Mayall), who promises to help but causes more havoc.

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I was in Minneapolis at the time they were filming this which is probably the only reason I ever would have ended up watching it back in the day. It was the talk of the town at the time circa 1991. Sort of like a happier not-so-gloomy version of BEETLEJUICE.



  1. i hadnt seen thistill my friend demanded i watch it at her house….it was funny – i enjoyed it…ill prolly checkout the new one

  2. I hope they dont fuck it up. I love it back in the day. can watch it many times over again.

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