‘TERMNATOR SALVATION’ Launches First Ever TWITTER Game As Viral Marketing Campaign Heats Up

April 21, 2009



Source: ComingSoon.net

In anticipation of the worldwide release of the motion picture Terminator Salvation, Twitter users will have the chance to join the human resistance against the machines in Sony Pictures Releasing International’s first-ever game created for the social networking platform…

Users can follow tweets from the resistance at Twitter.com/Resistance2018.

Read more HERE.

In other recent ‘TERMINATOR SALVATION’ updates:

LINDA HAMILTON recently confirmed she was in “active negotiations” to reprise her role as SARAH CONNOR in some capacity. Read more on that HERE.

Click HERE for the SKYNET viral marketing site.


One comment

  1. WOW that is a very interesting news, I don’t know who isn’t waiting for the film release and Sony are doing a very well marketing effort to do this kind of campaign, viral marketing is a powerfull tool to use in any king of campaign, very wize decision.

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