TAYA PARKER: New Interview With VH1, Old Interview PRE ‘ROCK OF LOVE BUS’, More

April 14, 2009



Source: VH1.com, Youtube.com, Penthouse.com, Myspace.com, Spike.com

VH1 is the first to interview Ms. TAYA PARKER following her winner-take-Bret-Michaels victory on “ROCK OF LOVE BUS’ Sunday night. A quick excerpt of the madness:

How has your interaction with Bret been since the show wrapped? Frequent?

He’s reached out to me via some personal friends. He’s gotten messages to me here and there. I’ve talked to Big John. I’ve gotten “Hello’s” and “How ya doin’s?” and updates through other people. We’re not supposed to be around each other or talk. We’ve played it safe. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I’m a little nervous about it.

Read the entire interview HERE.

Here’s a modest collection of TAYA PARKER links for those of you who just can’t get enough of the latest and greatest. I realize most of you stalkers have probably already sniffed around these parts but for some of us still living in the Dark Ages…

Did I mention I have the exclusive rights to sell Ms. Taya Parkers day-old used panties?

I’m kidding. Please do NOT contact me HERE in a fit of outrage over the panties I just now told you I had exclusive rights to sell but which I am now telling you in a rapid-fire follow-up that I totally do NOT have exclusive rights to sell and whose panties I do NOT have period.

Ok. Here we go:

TAYA PARKER Official website.
TAYA PARKER Official Myspace.
TAYA PARKER Official Myspace blog.

Video interview PRE ‘ROCK OF LOVE BUS’. Watch it below in semi ‘eh’ quality or click HERE for a better rez copy. We here at THRALL WORLD provide you with choices.

And last, but certainly not least, check out TAYA PARKER in one of her all-nude photo shoots HERE.

Just as Bret Michaels music belongs to us all, what belongs to Bret Michaels belongs to us all as well…



  1. lmao – DieTrich your a fuckin mad man! (and i love that about you) and uhhhhhm totally not even goin to check out the nudie – but that is a good point you made there

    funn thing is i jsut had the most fucked up dream that YOU wer in a reality show wit girlies – and i somehow “won” i guess and i wasnt even supposed ot be on the show and there was an angry mob chading me afterwards….goooood going lol

  2. The implants is still in fashion?! Heh, now i know why girls hunting for rich men as husbands…

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