NORTH KOREA Flips OBAMA, World The Bird – Scraps Talks re: Scrapping Nukes

April 14, 2009

NORTH KOREA Military Parade circa April 2007

NORTH KOREA Military Parade circa April 2007

Thee Bird

Thee Bird

Source: CNN

Statement issued via North Korean state-run media KCNA:

“Now that the six-party talks have turned into a platform for infringing upon the sovereignty of the (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) and seeking to force the DPRK to disarm itself and bring down the system in it, the DPRK will never participate in the talks any longer, nor it will be bound to any agreement of the six-party talks,” KCNA said.

Read more HERE.

IRAN taking notes…



  1. wouldnt suprise me if iran was like…hmmm yea why the fuck shall we go to this meeting as well…

    annnnnd hate to say to the world i told you so – korea istn goin to give up untill soemthing blows up – even if its them…

    waht a dilema we have though – go in and ook for these bombs and literally take them away and then give them a swift pat on the ass…go in find nothign and look like gwb all over again…do nothing and wait for them to attack something, someone, or do soemthin stupid then bomb the fuck out of them…or literally just do nothing and play it safe…and then wait for them to blow us up

    where the fuck is dr manhattan when you need him?

  2. We heard from the Obama team that if DPRK dared launch it’s missile there were going to be CONSEQUENCES.

    Korea promptly called Obama’s bluff and instead, Korea was only issued a joke in the form of a so-clled a “statement”.

    Evidently, the new US Admin doesn’t quite get it that needlessly running it’s mouth can also have consequences.

    Very serious consequences!

    As if that were not bad enough, now the Obama team has elected to lose even more leverage by granting Iran unwarranted consessions.

    IMO the stakes are far too high for this admin to be
    placing itself in such weak and impotent positions.

  3. Dr Manhattan is not here, but we still have the 007.

  4. true james bond can maybbbbe help us….since i dont think this administariton is goin to doa nythign to help itself – of course…with everythign that can and prolly would go wrong – is it relaly worth it – its all headed to the same place anyway i fear

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