BRUCE DICKINSON Talks All Things IRON MAIDEN In New Interview

April 11, 2009



Source: TimesOnline.com

Read it HERE.

The Iron Maiden World Slavery tour was my first metal concert way back in my wee-one days. Oddly enough I have not seen them since and not for a lack of interest. My concert venue preference has always been clubs and it’s been awhile since they’ve played one – if they’ve ever played one. But I still get the itch on certain days and shuffle through a Maiden Marathon from time to time.

On a side/trivia note, The MARAZENE album ‘MachiNation’ was mixed on the same board that was used for the POWERSLAVE mix. That information wasn’t relayed to me until well into the album promotions or you would have heard me mentioning it a lot sooner.



  1. no fucking way! that is such stellar stuff d -see i knew ther had to be soem other forcve of amazingess behind the marazene machine casue – i mean im pretty sure its illegal to be as gooda s you guys are lol….powerslve is one of my fav maiden cd’s – and my friends maiden cover band is actually named after the cd – they do stellar work! i however have NEVER seen maiden live but on my tv screen =(…nor marazene – but thats changin soon right mr!! grrrr – get here! maiden rules! marazene rules! nuff said

  2. yha ben sizin hayranınızım offff

  3. k chido k esta banda este a estas alturas nunca nadie los igualara

  4. Iron Maiden is totally one of the best F*CKING bands ever in whole intire universe. they are awesome!!! 🙂
    Cheers: Tia


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