U.S. Nuke Talks With N. KOREA So Stunningly Successful, Sequel Nuke Talks Announced With IRAN

April 8, 2009





Source: CNN, The Atlantic

In a major departure from previous policy, the United States will join direct talks between U.N. and European powers and Iran over Tehran’s nuclear program.

Read all about the proposed historical U.S. – IRANIAN Talks HERE.

Call me a wee bit cynical but I think the Iranians and Koreans have their hearts set on those little fluffy nukes. One for every boy and every girl.

Go for it President OBAMA. In it to win it after all… Maybe the talks will be enough to delay the Israelis from putting The Final Smackdown on the Iranians (or vice versa) until post-2012…



  1. nope not cynical hun – practical! i mean how many times do we threaten, make agreements, and say this is the last straw to these ppl to have them go out and build these things (missles, bukes, spacerockets) anyway…

    eveyrone sort of gasped when N Korea sent that missle up thinking – omg what are WE goin to do abou tit…and all that happened was mr obambi is goin to call a fucking meeting of the…o i forget what its called but its gay…and yet aging korea gets another straw – untill we actually go take the fluffy little nukes away from them and send them to bed with no supper…we, meaning the whole world – are fucked. cause once one conuntry is destroyed – you can bet there will be more to follow..so on and so fourth..

  2. All efforts to talk and engage with other countries must be made before sending our troops out in defiance of the rest of the world. Why do you think America had such a bad image when bush/cheney were in? Starting an illegal war based on lies, flouting the opinion of all friends, killing thousands, and robbing billions of dollars still unaccounted for, plus allowing the economy to crash while blithely declaring how sound it was?
    Obama is not a coward. He is a good human being, and deserves respect for trying to find a better way for the world to get along, not by ‘cowboy, redneck’ acts, but genuine statesmanship.

  3. with iran i agree – its good to go talk – but korea has had more than one strike against them and they just continue on with their own personal agenda…therefore making the point that it seems pointless to go to talk to these countries..ya know cause its obviously working right?

    i dont think obama is a coward – i just dont think he has the ability to handle these situations in a way that will benifit everyone effectively – of course i dont even know, at this point, there is a way to do that…the world has gotten out of hand, and untill it blows itself up its not goin to be happy

  4. AnTiThesis, well said. The point is not that Obama is superman and can stop N, Korea or Iran just by saying he’s ready to talk, but at least it’s a different approach to this ongoing problem, and the old bluster and threats have certainly failed.
    Who knows, some deep chord of humanity could awaken in these perceived-to-be enemies! Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?!
    I am not, however, holding my breath.

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