It’s Official: SONY Drops Price On PLAYSTATION 2

March 31, 2009

PLAYSTATION 2 Price Drop: $99.99 As Of April 1st, 2009

PLAYSTATION 2 Price Drop: $99.99 As Of April 1st, 2009

Source: Yahoo.com

Sony confirmed in the early hours Tuesday that it will be dropping its price by $30 for the Playstation 2 to $99.99.

Read more HERE.

Effective April 1st.

Wheee I’m so there! I’m one of those not-quite-so-hardcore-yet-fanatical-just-the-same-gamers who generally stays a generation behind on systems. Which basically means I won’t be in the market for the PS3 until the PS4 comes out. So major kudos to Sony for making my month.



  1. i got a ps2 for like….120 bucks like 4 years ago lol…when the thin ones came out – and im happy with that – ill buy a new system when they stop making games for ps2 like they did with ps1…in fact thas the reason i got a ps2 – so i could play tony hawk and rockband …. as long as i got my rock band i could care lessa bout graphics – though my mom jsut got a wii – its fun…but still – rockband beats all!

  2. […] up as the holiday season nears… Sony dropped their PS2 in April of this year which scored a big “Whee I’m so there” response here on THRALL WORLD. Nintendo said it is cutting the price of its popular Wii video-game console […]

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