MARILYN MANSON Vs. POGO Lawsuit Update: Push To Delay Trial Until 2010

March 28, 2009

MARILYN MANSON With Pogo Pre Lawsuit Days

MARILYN MANSON With Pogo Pre Lawsuit Days

Source: Contra Costa Times

The THRALL WORLD gist: trial was supposed to be underway by now but lawyers for Pogo said they needed some more time to go over details. That would have pushed the trial into June of this year. Mansons new album is out and tour dates are booked so that doesn’t work out.

A lawyer for Marilyn Manson said today that trial of a lawsuit filed by a former band member seeking $20 million from the goth rocker should be delayed until next year because Manson is releasing a new CD and about to go on tour.

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Click HERE for all kinds of updated info including; ROCKSTAR MAYHEM tour dates featuring MARILYN MANSON, live lineup, band stuffs and more on MARILYN MANSON and the new album, ‘THE HIGH END OF THE LOW.’



  1. omg! marilyn manson!?!?! im going to marry him! hes the bomb!!! i love him!!

  2. pogo will get a settlement like daisy, and deserves every penny.

  3. Noah or what ever how are you so shure that pogo will get it and like daisy i really dont think eather of them deserve it if pogo ever gets it which i doubt! the guys a liar and manson just rox

  4. why do you find it necessary for manson to pay him 20 mil? from what i’ve heard he’s just trying to rip him off. And since when did daisy get a settlement???

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