FOX NEWS Dominates Ratings Under OBAMA Presidency

March 25, 2009

Ratings Sledgehammer, BILL O'REILLY, Keeping It Real Under OBAMA Presidency

Ratings Sledgehammer, BILL O'REILLY, Keeping It Real Under OBAMA Presidency

Source: The Huffington Post

Fox News Channel continued its ratings tear last week, coming in second place again among all cable channels in primetime. This is the fifth straight week that Fox News has placed second in cable and more emphatic proof that the network is thriving under the Obama administration.

Fox News averaged 2.15 million viewers in primetime for the week ending March 22, 2009. Only USA (3.16 million) averaged more. CNN came in 21st with an average 914,000 total viewers, and MSNBC placed 23rd with an average of 886,000 total viewers. All figures are according to Nielsen Media Research.

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There’s an obvious conservative agenda with FOX NEWS weeknight programming led by the independent yet traditional leaning BILL O’REILLY who seems to walk the tightrope of balanced analysis better than anyone else out there. But Libertarian, GLENN BECK, has been a ratings suprise for FOX since his GLENN BECK program kicked off there in mid January even edging out some of SEAN HANNITY’s numbers.


One comment

  1. haha did you see that beck bitch crying the other night on there! man….i mean he is pullin in the ratings – but at what cost to his reputation…i mean god we are all concerend abou tthe economy – but be a whiny bitch on your own time – i dont want to be reminded of how it affect ppl every time i turn on the tv…

    o well theres my 2 cents….or 1 and a half cents…
    bill o’reily jstu rips in to obama 24/7…but of course fox is like conservative nation – im suprised they havent given rush limbaugh his own show yet with michael steel

    ehre now its 2 cents…

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