Mosquito Holocaust! Laser Weapon In Development Could Kill Millions Of The Pesky Blood-Suckers In Minutes

March 17, 2009

Mosquito Holocaust On The Horizon?

Mosquito Holocaust On The Horizon?

Source: CNN.com

Bad news for mosquitos and their many legions of fans worldwide:

Scientists in the U.S. are developing a laser gun that could kill millions of mosquitoes in minutes.

The laser, which has been dubbed a “weapon of mosquito destruction” fires at mosquitoes once it detects the audio frequency created by the beating of its wings.

The laser beam then destroys the mosquito, burning it on the spot.

Developed by some of the astrophysicists involved in what was known as the “Star Wars” anti-missile programs during the Cold War, the project is meant to prevent the spread of malaria.

Read more HERE.

Your time has come mister mosquito grrr…



  1. YAY! rejoice my fellow bbq fanatics! one less pesky obstacle to deal with (possibly) now….when we figure out how to not make it rain by the grill…hmmmmz

  2. Poor vampires! And where is Greenpeace?

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