AXL ROSE Talks More Smack About SLASH In New Interview, “No” APPETITE Era GUNS N’ ROSES Reunion In Sight

February 28, 2009

GUNS N' ROSES: The Only Lineup That Ever Mattered

GUNS N' ROSES: The Only Lineup That Ever Mattered

Source: Spinner.com

SPINNER: “Would you consider a reunion with the ‘Appetite’ or ‘Illusions’ lineups?”

AXL: “No.”

SPINNER: “Why not?”

AXL: “A lot more reasons than I’ll get into here now.”

He actually does get into it in the interview. The interviewer lobbed a few no-nonsense questions and Axl throws a lot of stuff out there in his typical fashion; A bit rambling, full of overwhelming self-importance and self-entitlement, and most sadly for ANYone hoping for him to change his mind about patching things up with Slash; a bit eccentric and out there.

Click HERE to read the train wreck.



  1. ‘A lot more reasons’?
    I had always thought that is only the one reason: Mr Axl Rose legally bought the rights to the band’s name ‘Guns N’ Roses’… =o

  2. *snacks head against the wall and invites other true gnr fans to do the same with me* my god whne is he goin to grow the fuck up

    meanwhile i heard Velvet revolver is close to finding a new singer – which is great cause their music was stellar! wait did i haer that here? goin to go look back through the archives

    you rule D!

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