MARAZENE: Drummer, KRISTOPHER ‘KRISTOV’ KEMP Loses Battle With Cancer

January 28, 2009

Kristov, Stiph, Thrall, Gash, Skum

MARAZENE circa 2006 from l to r: Kristov, Stiph, Thrall, Gash, Skum

Source: Myself and the Official Marazene Myspace page

Taken from my Myspace blog:

Photo John Weaver Prod.
RIP Kristopher Kemp: 10.28.74 — 01.26.09

It is my very sad duty today to inform all of you that at a little after midnight on January 26th, 2009, my very brave and very dear friend Kristopher Kemp passed away due to complications with his battle with intestinal cancer. Below is the obituary I wrote for Kris. It’s my first one and I wasn’t sure if I did it quite right but I promised a friend and a promise is a promise…

On Monday, January 26th, Kristopher Kemp passed away due to complications from his fight against cancer. He was 34.

Kristopher Kemp was born on October, 28th 1974. He spent most of his early years in the Naperville, IL area and attended Naperville High School.

KRISTOV, as he was known to his friends and fans, was a founding member of Chicago’s MARAZENE, whose accomplishments include the soundtrack to the MATRIX Revolutions and MATRIX: Recalibrated, as well as one self-released album, ‘MachiNation’. Kristov performed with Marazene from 2001-2007, participated in multiple National tours with MARAZENE from 2006-2007, and appeared in several videos for the band.

Kristov performs “AnTiThesis” with MARAZENE @ Chicago’s legendary Metro Cabaret on 06.17.07

Kristov also toured Nationally with New York’s BILE in 2002.

Kristov was first diagnosed with intestinal cancer in May 2006 and had surgery to remove a cancerous growth and numerous lymph nodes followed by chemotherapy for much of the remainder of the year. Despite the intensive treatment, he continued to perform with Marazene as they toured the Midwest and Nationally with such acts as MUSHROOMHEAD, PSYCLON NINE, DEADSTAR ASSEMBLY, and THE HUMAN ABSTRACT.

Kristov is survived by his parents, John and Marcia Kemp, his sister Erin Kemp, his nephew Liam, his girlfriend Lisa, and his dog Petunia. Another pet, a dog named Schmoo who recently passed away, is looking forward to hanging out with Kristov once again as they both wait patiently for all his friends in this life to join him sometime in the distant future.


The Kemp family has provided me with the following information to pass along:

As most of you may already know this morning our sweet angel, Kristopher Kemp returned home to be with the Lord. He fought a courageous battle and heis a hero to all of us that knew him and even to those who did not have the pleasure in knowing him.

Please keep his family and friends in your prayers.

Friedrich-Jones Funeral Home
44 South Mill Street
Naperville, Illinois 60540
Phone: (630) 355-0213
Thursday 5:30-8:00pm



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  3. Reblogged this on An Author's Blog and commented:
    It had been a few years now since Kristiov died, I wish I had the chance to meet him in person. He was one of the first members of Marazene Machine to get a hold of me in 2006. I met Nikk in person for the first time in 2011 as I was just returned from my family reunion. The same year one of my friends from church when I used to go to First Assembly Of God in Wheaton had also passed away a few months earlier. I dedicated Dirty Black Winter to Kristov and to April Derleth. I am not sure if Kristov believed in God or not, but I had no idea when he was alive that he was actually sick from cancer. This was the tragedy in the Industrial Metal scene — the surviving members of Marazene Machine recorded a track after doing Livewire by Motley Crue, but losing Kristov to cancer was too hard for them to carry on so Dietech went on to do Beauty In the Suffering and Nikk started doing more work in the studio on his own. Nikk, Apathademon of Fragmentation and I were playing with an idea of forming a Aggrotech Heavy Metal band where Nikk would be playing an 8 string guitar, I would be doing rhythm guitar/the Metallica rasp vocals and Apathademon would handled the programming and the distorted vocals but it would been hard to get the practice space because Apathademon was in Mundeline, Illinois, Nikk was in Chicago, and I was south of Joliet. Nikk currently DJs at The Exit — and I wrote a novella that I dedicate the story to all my friends who had passed away. I think about Kristov as he was mutual friends with Gwen of Grigori 3 and friends with Fashion Bomb. When I reviewed Grigori 3, Fashion Bomb and Marazene Machine — I call them The Industrial Metal Three where they did the revival of Industrial Metal in Chicago. Marazene Machine had the darkly cynical lyrics, Fashion Bomb on the their second album did a Technical Metal version of Industrial, and Grigori 3 was the most spiritual of them. Fashion Bomb did a song about wanting to punch Christ on their first CD, Grigori 3 — the first person they thanked on Exile was God.

  4. Did Kristov believe in God? Doing the track you did with Nikk — it had to be very hard to do because when Kristov died, you lost a very instrumental part of the band. Kristov was a bad ass drummer, and when he got in touch with me in 2006 — I had no idea he had cancer or was sick. How did he hide this up when he played live?

  5. Nickolaus, I randomly thought about Marazene and Kris and happened upon your blog. I dated someone Nikk went to school and was friends with and hung out with and watched these guys quite often. I loved their talent and they were great fun! For whatever reason, I always had a soft spot for Kris. There was just some vibe he had and he was so nice to me. I don’t remember a lot, after all, life was a nonstop party for me back then, but I remember enjoying small talks with him. When I got in touch again with my ex I was rather shocked to hear of his passing a few years afterward. I know you would have loved Kris. He beat those drums from his heart! Thanks for the post! I enjoyed reading it! I miss my Chicago days at times and am so thankful to have exhausted my every desire because I had such a blast and met some interestingly awesome humans! Your post brings great, wild memories!! ūüėČ

  6. Hey — during the time when the Marazene Machine guys first caught up with me, I was just published in the UK and the thing that I didn’t realize that they were all friends with Grigori 3 and Fashion Bomb. Grigori 3 caught me during the time I was actually on the message board for Tourniquet — I will show you a link to my fifth issue of my magazine, as this attributes to when I was in and out of hospitals myself for bronchitis and pneumonia. Kristov would been the age of one of my former classmates from middle school if he still lived — I wrote my memoir as if I was talking to the Marazene Machine guys in my old hang out Snow White Diner in Wheaton, Illlinois. Kristov could had been someone I might had met on the Riverwalk in Naperville when I was 20 years old as I worked in Naperville at the time. I gave Nikk my first namesake as a late birthday present — as at the time I was working on this project I was then his age at 31. My buddy Zorn died around the time when I did the first namesake at the age of 30 — one of my other classmates died in 2011 leaving behind a daughter, that friend was about 35 years old.

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