BRET MICHAEL’s Talks ‘ROCK OF LOVE BUS’ In New Interview

December 15, 2008



Source: Sacramento Bee

Read it HERE.

“Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels,” premiers January 4th on VH1.



  1. Well… I think I have a fondness for Bret Michael. But for the absolutely different reason… lol

  2. ob oy here we go agian – another group of women who jstu dont understand that brett michels is… MINE lol

    well this will be interesting to see waht tosrt of trouble these bimbos can get into on a tour bus – theres no where to run and hide and throw temper tantrums on a bus, so expect to see alot more fist fights =)

  3. I love Bret and the Rock of Love Gang.

  4. I just learned today from someone who lives in the Phoenix area that Brett Michels has a wife and child there in Scottsdale, Arizona. Every time he is kissing a “girl” on the show, his wife is out shopping with the credit cards. What a slime.

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