GUNS N’ ROSES: New Album, ‘Chinese Democracy’, Available For Streaming

November 20, 2008



Source: Myspace.com

Listen to it HERE.

Release date for ‘CHINESE DEMOCRACY’ is November 23, 2009 exclusively at Best Buy.



  1. Sebastian Bach about a song titled ‘Sorry’:
    ‘There’s this one song called ‘Sorry’ that’s almost like doom metal with Axl singing really clean over this grinding, slow beat that is fucking mean, I cannot get it out of my head.’

    Yeah, ALMOST like Żywiec* lol

    Heh, really it is heavy and hard… and doom, and industrial, and black, and pink, and red and yellow metal of course.

    So, from me:
    – ‘Sorry’: I like it
    – lyrics: ok
    – the album title: ok, adequate
    – subject: Fusion Cooking For Fans Only aka OMG! Where is my kitty, my little grey kitty? And parrot!?
    – tip: WALTARI

    Well, I think, ‘Chinese Democracy’ is my Number One. ‘Red Carpet Massacre’ (Duran Duran) falls into second place…

    *from Polish commercial: Many beers tastes ALMOST like Żywiec. ALMOST Makes a Big Difference.

  2. […] November 21, 2008 GUNS N’ ROSES: ‘CHINESE DEMOCRACY’ Album Cover Source: NME.com As mentioned in a previous THRALL WORLD posting, GUNS N’ ROSES entire new album ‘CHINESE DEMOCRACY’ was posted on MYSPACE. The […]

  3. I forgot to add a category. So, this category is: ‘THE BIGGEST ERSATZ and FALLING DOWN, and WTF?, and ARE YOU CRAZY?, and LOL – IN ONE’

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