The Media Is Biased, What About The Polls?

November 4, 2008

Man of Mystery

DieTrich Thrall: Man of Mystery

Source: Me

Why so serious? Taken directly from my Myspace page:

uhm ya. i’ve never seen such transparently biased media coverage in muh life. if you can’t trust the coverage you sure as hell can’t trust them when they post their bogus polls.

and when you have polls stacking up like http://www.realclearpolitics.com (which doesn’t come across to me as very scientific since they pretty much just let everyone else do the polling and add up the results)

Florida 48.6 46.8 Obama +1.8
North Carolina 47.7 48.3 McCain +0.6
Virginia 49.8 45.5 Obama +4.3
Ohio 49.0 45.8 Obama +3.2
Missouri 47.5 48.0 McCain +0.5
Colorado 50.8 45.3 Obama +5.5
Nevada 49.6 43.4 Obama +6.2

or Rasmussen ( http://www.RasmussenReports.com )

which has OH, NC, FL, and MO = TIED
Obama + 4 in CO and VA
Obama + 6 in PA (republicans are spending HUGE money in the final days in PA. obama was ahead by +13 just ten days ago)

all of these fukking polls are EASILY within the margin of error!!! It’s totally insane! 6 point lead? MAYBE you can breathe for a minute. and that’s a pretty big MAYBE…

Crazy voter turnout. expected.

The kids will show up to vote.
The kids aint gonna show up to vote.
The women hate obama.
omg the women hate palin.
mccain is too old.
obama is a marxist.
mccain is a nazi.
omg obama dances funny.

lol fukk that.

just make sure you vote. it’s sexi ;)) xox


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  1. So, I know just how John Connor feels in the final scene in the end of ‘Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines’. lol

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