BARACK OBAMA Takes A Hit On Ethics With Half-Hour Infomercials

October 29, 2008



Source: Yahoo, CNN

According to Yahoo:

The [BARACK OBAMA] campaign decided to plunk down between $3 and $5 million to buy half-hour blocks of time at 8 p.m. tonight on NBC, CBS, FOX, Univision, BET, MSNBC and TV One.

Obama is dominating the television ad wars. As of Oct. 22, Obama placed 150% more ads than McCain in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, according to the Nielsen Co.

Yahoo questions in it’s article if that might be a little overkill. Forget overkill. Doesn’t it seem a little questionable ethically in some way? Probably not if you’re leaning OBAMA and you’re concerned that despite all of that record breaking Campaign Cash you still have only managed a 5 point lead in National polling.

But getting back to the ethics, CNN’s feisty CAMPBELL BROWN notes:

“[BARACK OBAMA] has raised well over $600 million since the start of his campaign, close to what George Bush and John Kerry raised combined in 2004.

One year ago, [OBAMA] made a promise. He pledged to accept public financing and to work with the Republican nominee to ensure that they both operated within those limits.

Obama went back on his word.”

CNN declined to run OBAMA’s ad saying;

“We prefer to use our air to continue to cover the campaign, candidates and issues like we always do from all points of view”

ABC said it couldn’t come to an agreement in time to meet the Obama campaigns requirement to run it in that time slot.

It wouldn’t matter to me if it was MCCAIN or OBAMA who had more money to spend on campaign ads. OBAMA’s unethical edge in campaign money could be the difference in this election.

Call me old-fashioned but I’d prefer to not have to think that the United States Presidency is up for sale to the highest bidder.



  1. … iam pridem, ex quo suffragia nulli
    uendimus, effudit curas; nam qui dabat olim
    imperium, fasces, legiones, omnia, nunc se
    continet atque duas tantum res anxius optat,
    panem et circenses. …

  2. indeed…

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