BRET MICHAELS Suspends ‘ROCK OF LOVE BUS’ After Fatal Crash

October 1, 2008



Source: TMZ.com

As previously mentioned in the ThrallWorld blogzine, one of BRET MICHAELS crew members for his currently filming ‘ROCK OF LOVE BUS’ VH1 series, was involved in a fatal crash. Here’s the latest:

Bret Michaels is temporarily pulling the plug on his upcoming reality show “Rock of Love Bus” to reach out to the families of two women killed in a car accident caused by a “Rock” roadie.

In a statement issued by his people at VH1, Michaels has “requested that his participation in the production … be temporarily suspended” as he tries to “reach out” to the families of teenagers Yasmin Jackson and Kevetta Davis. They were killed Friday on I-57 in Illinois when Dennis Hernandez, a crew member from the “Rock” production outfit, fell asleep at the wheel of a truck, crossed the median and hit two cars. Dennis was on his way to the next “Rock of Love” shooting location. He was charged for the crash.

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  1. Bret is Lying he was around and DID NOT BOTHER TO CONTACT MY FAMILY PERIOD and still have not, our local news room told us the information on him. Bret knew, however him and his crew passed on through and proceed to do a concert in another state and the driver was picked up that caused the accident. It HURT US SO MUCH…To hold up and keep everyone lifted up were a large family that loves and cares for one another. Yasmin was a caring, sweet, friendly and respectable, full of energy. This is tragic & unbelievable.God knows all & see all things. Exposed Bret, felt that no one would ever find out being that this happened in Illinois so far away from Hollywood….I have watch his show a couple of times and cannot believe the connection of life ( trying to find love) and death of my little precious cousin. Some people are so cold and only think of themselves. She will be remember and MISSED, FOREVER….

  2. My niece Yasmin. A bright, smart, beatiful young lady-dead? Killed? No longer here? Its sooooo wrong..so untrue..how can this be? I dont want to believe its happened am I dreaming? Bret Michaels has not contacted us and his driver was released although he may have been driving on revoked licensed killed 2 and injured 2…how can this be??? He was charged for the crash???? But was her charged for killing to young college students??? They are dead…gone away from us forever…My GOD MY GOD…I ask you, do you think this is right that two young aspiring girls are taken from our families???? Is it right to love someone with all of your hurt and sole and expect them home but instead you find that they are dead!! GOD does know and see all. People pray for our family because we are ssooooooo hurt that it actually hurts to breathe. This is more than we can bear ….What a loss to not just us but to the world-Yazzy was going to be an attorney…..a wife…a mother…an aunt…a grandmother…possibly a judge..a YOU NAME it…it cant happen now.

  3. Shut up you cry babies.

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