It’s Official: ALAN MOORE Really IS Chuckling At THE WATCHMEN Movie Difficulties

September 21, 2008

Source: LA Times blog, ComingSoon.net

As I posted in a previous ThrallWorld blog re: the legal issues surrounding WARNER BROTHERS and FOX over the rights to THE WATCHMEN movie, I took a stab in the dark about ALAN MOORE’s possible take on the situation. ALAN MOORE has a very legitimate point in the medium wars between comic books and movies.

Read a detailed account on ALAN MOORE’s take on all of this HERE.

While I am looking forward to ZACH SNYDER’s take on THE WATCHMEN, I have spotted a red flag or two in the trailer. Number one being how the graphic novel always portrayed the character Nite Owl as a bit frumpy and washed up. The costumes might be a little pro-ish and modernish (the story takes place in the mid to late 1980’s) for the rag tag super hero crew Moore was portraying in his tale.

There’s a lot of layers in the MOORE story that will obviously be lost in the movie adaptation. But it is after all an adaptation so we’ll see where SNYDER ends up with the final cut.



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