PSYCLON NINE Collaborates With MUSHROOMHEAD Members On New Video

June 1, 2008

Source: De Los Santos Productions, http://www.PsyclonNine.com, http://www.Myspace.com/PsyclonNine

San Francisco based Industrial Black-Metallists PSYCLON NINE have posted their first music video for the track ‘PARASITIC’. ‘PARASITIC’ comes off the bands 2006 METROPOLIS RECORDS effort ‘CRWN THY FRNICATR’.

Watch it HERE in Full resolution or HERE in Low Resolution.

The video was shot in Cleveland, OH shortly after the bands Fall tour with MUSHROOMHEAD in November 2007. Richard Thomas, aka STITCH of Mushroomhead, directed the video and Mushroomhead percussionist DAN “LITTLE DAN” FOX performed behind the drums. Fox had pulled double duty with Mushrooomhead and Psyclon Nine for the Spring and Fall tours the two bands teamed up for in 2007.

In an official band statement, PSYCLON NINE musical mastermind NERO BELLUM had this to say about the video and upcoming new album:

“The release of the video for Parasitic has opened new doors for Psyclon Nine and has inspired me to work on more film projects surrounding the release of the new album. I feel that the visual aspect of music and performance plays a very important role and I’m spending a lot of time focusing on blending the two elements. My vision is to create something that stimulates in a very provocative way. Whether it be emotional, sexual, or violent it’s going to be very potent and very real.

The concepts for the new album are also very real and they deal with a lot of questions revolving around life, afterlife, love, hate, religion, and sexuality.

The music itself however will be able to stand completely on it’s own. As a band we have evolved so much with each of our releases and with this new album there is no exception. So far we’ve gone leaps and bounds head first into new realms as well as advancing and refining what defines and separates us from the rest of the counter culture acts and with the addition of new studio and live musicians we’ve been able explore entirely new realms sonically and visually.

This is definitely the strongest we’ve ever been and this new album will be the spearhead of a new and destructive era of psyclon nine.”

PSYCLON NINE have released three full length albums since 2003 and are currently putting the finishing touches on their follow up to ‘CRWN THY FRNICATR’. No release date has been announced.

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