SLASH Talks Future of VELVET REVOLVER and Recent Falling Out With SCOTT WEILAND

May 2, 2008

Source: http://www.brightcove.tv/title.jsp?title=1529567191&channel=687136571

Watch a new interview with Slash about all things VELVET REVOLVER and SCOTT WEILAND HERE.



  1. slash you are so awsom! you rock in guitar hero3. I bought your player and I havent yoused anyone but you.I also have your video. You rock in it. You are unbeliveible at smashing guitars.

  2. Hey Slash I want to talk to you about something.Why did you leave guns n roses.Velvet Revolver is a great band dont get me wrong. Do you want a gig. Slash you have to play with Guns N Roses …… well be in touch E-mail me bnr_9999@hotmail.com or yahoo.com

  3. i am the fan number one the guns and roses

  4. dude! slash is like totally the sexiest guitarist in the planet 😀

  5. i went to a velvet revolver concerts for y first concert and was blown away!!!! im really disapoined that scott weiland had to leave do you know who gnna be your bands net singer??????

  6. slash I love you so much !! You’re the best.And it’s so bad that Guns ‘N’ Roses doesn’t exist.But Velvet Revolver is good too.YYour best solo is November rain !! love

  7. Slash you are the best I love you so much ……I am so sad because Guns ‘N’ Roses doesn’t exist more.But Velvet Revolver is good too.Can you please answer on ines_barbic@hotmail.com please !! with love Ines

  8. Slash i love you is the best and Guns n roses and Velvet revolver yeah!

  9. Hey slash im a big fan and i have learnd some of the solos you play;) your guitar is so nice i would wish i had one my self 😉

    Would be happy if you would just say hello on my email


  10. slash para mi es el mejor guitarrista del mundo. no cabe duda, ademas de ser hermoso y simpatico por lo q veo en las fotos.. pienso que los gans n roses tuvieron suerte en tenerlo a el. lastima que se separaron por el idiota de axel roses

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