MARAZENE Launch ‘Channel: SkumF***er’

April 30, 2008

Source: De Los Santos Productions

Chicago based Machine / Metalists MARAZENE ( http://www.myspace.com/marazene ) have launched their ‘Channel: SkumF***er’ on Youtube and a video of the band performing the track “giVe” (SkumF***erz) while on tour with MUSHROOMHEAD in 2007 has been posted.

Click HERE to be directed to Channel: SkumF***er.

The “giVe” (SkumF***erz) live tour footage was shot by director Davo of DP Filmworks and whose past credits include videos for FIREBALL MINISTRY, VAINS OF JENNA, and JUNGLE ROT.

“The video was shot in Cleveland, Grand Rapids, MI and Madison, WI,” multi-instrumentalist and Marazene co-founder DieTrich Thrall offered. “Davo did a fantastic job highlighting the intensity of our set on the Mushroomhead tour. He proved himself a true SkumF***er at heart and we’re looking forward to working with him again sometime in the near future.”

Channel: SkumF***er collects the bands official live clips in addition to fan footage. Other videos featured include; an interview with the band by The Razorblade Society before their headlining performance at The Ritz in Detroit on July 12th, 2007, a live video for ‘AnTiThesis’ shot at Chicago’s Metro Theater in June 2007 and live videos for ‘MachiNation’ and ‘UnCerTain’ shot by Spider Bite Studios in Virginia Beach, Va, on April 5th, 2007, the kickoff to 2007’s DEADSTAR ASSEMBLY/MARAZENE ‘Unsaved Part 2’ tour.

A fan filmed clip of ‘SeeThe/ sTay aWay’ in March 2007 at New York City’s REBEL (formerly the Albion Bat Cave) while on tour with MUSHROOMHEAD is also included and an older live clip for ‘Self WorTh’ shot by director Joe Elsey of U Press Play at a Double Door performance in October 2006 is also posted. U Press Play previously collaborated with MARAZENE on the video for ‘XecuTe’.

Studio updates and video blogs/messages to friends and fans are expected to be added as MARAZENE continue to write and record their sophomore follow up to 2006’s self-released debut, ‘MachiNation’.

MARAZENE recently issued a studio update on their Myspace page. An excerpt of the blog posting by DieTrich follows:

“We have a couple dozen really strong song ideas and we’re writing more every day. There’s plenty of new material in all different stages of development and we’re constantly bouncing riffs off of one another on whatever instrument the part calls for. We’re aiming for a Spring ’08 Sneak Peek at live shows and other audio outlets and of course we’ll keep everyone up to speed once we have things a bit more ironed out so sit tight.”

Marazene self-managed their most successful year to date in 2007, completing three National tours with such acts as MUSHROOMHEAD, PSYCLON NINE, DEADSTAR ASSEMBLY, and THE HUMAN ABSTRACT as well as dozens of Midwestern regional tour dates, and overcame overwhelming odds utilizing a unique 100% DIY approach completely independent of label support.


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