VELVET REVOLVER To Audition Potential New Vocalists Via New Website

April 18, 2008

Source: Billboard

Wanna make music with 80’s rock legends Slash and Duff from GUNS N’ ROSES? All you VR wannabes dust off those camcorders, your time is coming.

Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash tells Billboard.com that the band is creating a web site to audition singers. The new site will help Velvet Revolver replace Scott Weiland, whose April 1 dismissal from the band continued the public feud between the ex-frontman and his former bandmates.

“The band is actually talking about building a Web site [and] doing some auditions via that, so that’s been something that’s developing at this point,” Slash explains, noting that it should be happening “in the next month or so.”

Read the entire article HERE.

Make sure you wear some MARAZENE swag at the audition and tell’em DieTrich sent ya.



  1. The real new edition of ‘Idol’ by VR.

    But who can replace Scott Weiland? John Taylor of course!
    He’s bored to death with the last album on stage. Yes, he cannot sing well enough, but Sir Mick Jagger also. And what of that?

    Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum, Slash and John Taylor. And we have a beautiful Neurovelvet Outsiders.

    Does MARAZENE still need a 2nd guitarist?

  2. I am a huge GNR and VR fan as well as a vocalist and would kill for an opportunity to share a stage with these legends. These are the kind of opportunities the internet will provide and give bands a chance to globally choose who fits them best. Fronting VR would be the ultimate experiance for me!

  3. Can somebody tell me the link of the web site where people can apply for the new vocalist of Velvet Revolver? Thanks in advance.

  4. As soon as I hear something I’ll post it.

  5. Slash is the only gutarist who can make his gutair say anything you want it to

  6. well in my opinian the best vocalist to replace Weiland is Chris Cornell.

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